Russian Child Choirs: Choir Types

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentified mixed school choir, probably in the 1970s. This looks to be a class choir or selected children from a class or several classes of the first or second year children in a school. Notce the accordin accompanist, I think this suggests that the children are probably singing popular songs like Russian folk songs. Click on the image for more information.

We have noted several different types of choirs in Russia. Our information, however, is very limited. Hopefully our Russian readers will provide us more information here. We do not know of any church choirs, atleast in the modern era. We are less sure about Tsarist Russia. Rich nobelmen seem to have organized choirs, we think for religious ceremonies and events, but here our information is very limited. The principal type of boy choirs during the Soviet era was civic or municipal choirs. Yhese seem to be boy choirs. I do not know if there wee also girl choirs organized by these municipalities. We also notice a state-supported performance choir. The Soviet state supported culture and this appears to have been thecgenesis of several choirs. We also notice school choirs. Here we do not yet know much about choral programs in schools. These as far as we can tell or mixed boy-gir choirs. We suspect that there may have been Young Pioneer choirs, but we do not yet have any information on this. These probably are also mixed choirs.


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