** Anne Morgan French aiding Picardy children

Anne Morgan: Aiding France--The Children

Figure 1.--Many of the most beautiful images taken by American Committee were of the Pikardy children. And many of the Committe projects were focused om the children.

Manyof the most moving images that came out of the Committee's woirk were the photographs of the children. The children were among the most tragic population scarred by the War. Children are especially vulnerable in so many ways. They are more vulnerble to malnutrition and cold weather nd are especially vulndrable to disase. sany younger children spent their entire lives or most of their lives as refugees. Many did not hve their fathers with them as they were away at the front. Many were killed there and never returned. Some younger children never met their fathers. Some 1.4 million French deaths were reprted durung the War. The Committees phtograophic record consists of laarge numbers of images of beautiful children. nd from the beginning there was a focus on the children. Committee exhibitiins reprtedly had displays of refugees in shabby clothing next to smartly dressed children in Committee sponsored activities. The images we have found are mostly of well-dresses vhildren once the Commitete efforts having an impact. The Committee volunteers were able to adress many of the children's basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, and medical care). You see that in the many different projects that the Aerican Committee pursued. They Committee supported the return to normal life with schools, libraries, and socialization, experiences like sport and scouting -- the children would never forget. Child friendly libraries were a real were a major relevation to the French. As were the widening intertest in sport for children and youth.


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