** Anne Morgan French aiding Picardy funds

Anne Morgan: Aiding France--Raising Funds

Figure 1.-- Harry Lachman's beautiful photography palyed a n imprtant role in Morgan's fund raisin efforts. One of the many projects of the American Committee was a public library. Dree pubklic livraries were not ye available in France. Abs speciual attention was given to makeing the lbtraries user friendly for children.

Morgan was wellaware of the power of film, including the power to raise money. She opens a public relations office in New York City and helps establish over 400 branch offices througout the country. Her fund raising activities are legendary. The hosted the New York showing of the Chicago Tribune's groundbreaking war newsreels. Millions of Americans crowding into movie theaters to watch feaure films also viewed war similar footage. A portion of the box office proceeds oftenwent to relief groups, especailly the Red Cross. When Morgan and Dike's Committee launched operations in Pikardy (1917) film footage became one of the most effective publicity tool. At first the films were shot by the French Army's cinema unit, but the Committee eventually formed its own dedicated film operation. Morgan was very creative in raising money. She held a charity boxing match, organizes events like the Freindship Tour, and film openings. Miorgan's society connections gave her the ability not only to stage prmier galas. Hrr boving msatch involved the highest ranked fighters. Abd she got Charlie Chaoplain to host a chariable opening of one of his icionic films--'The Kid'. Morgan had an absolute genious for public relations which was key to the sucess of the American Comittee.


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