Carl Gustof Fodd
Figure 1.-Some sailor suits had elaborate detailing and others almost no detailing. This suit in 1902 had dark detailing that is very difficult to see.

Carl Gustof Fodd (Sweden, 1892?-)

We notice a portrait of a boy about 10 years old taken on November 27, 1902. We know little about him. We believe that the portrait is from Sweden. On the bottom it reads H Cederin (presumably the photographer) Katrineholm (the location in Sweden). The family may have emmigrated to American or the portrait was sent to family members who did emmigrate. Carl wears a very plain, but heavy dark wool sailor suit. There is very hard to see dark detailing on the sailor collar. There is a dickey, but the boy's undershirt seems to show above the dickey. The lapel of the "V" collar front has a non-traditional shape. We know very little about the boy, but so often images are not dated, it is useful having a precisely dated image. He has a short hair cut.


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Created: March 30, 2002
Last edited: April 1, 2002