*** American trends in boys' clothes in the late 1990s -- minority view

American Trends in Boys' Clothes during the Late 1990s

I am researching clothing styles and really got some very valubale info from your HBC site. My parents also provided useful information based on their memories. I showed some of the images on HBC to my mum and dad and they said esp my mom how nice those boys looked in those English short pants school uniforms, that is like real little genbtleman. I have to admitt myself that they look very smart, especially in comparison to what kids wear today. Yu know the big baggy ugly looking clothes,. I have i never wore those baggy looking things. I do detest them. I know where the style came from and so do you, but i won't get into that. i just think that clothes shoud fit proper around the real waist if you know what i mean, not hanging off your backside with underpants showing! I put a lot of this so called fashion on MTV as thats all the people on that program wear and the kids pick up on it real quick.

I saw the price is right last week with Mr Barker as the host and this college kid came up to try spinning that wheel and he kept trying to pull his baggy pants up! All this right on national tv! i just shook my head and said why do they let them get away with that!i don't for one whant to see someones back side or their boxer under wear. Something has really gone wrong with clothing fashions a lot of people say oh it's only a fad and it will fad out, but i don't see this happening. It's getting worse day by day.

I have a program on Nick (American cable channel for kids). It's called zoo venture. The girls usualy dress in nice normal looking short pants, but the boys forget it. They dress in the baggiest looking things that the tv station has to offer. I even saw one boy's baggy shorts fall down on that program, they did corret that problem by making the boys wear shorts that have a full elastic back. I'm sure that the boys don't like wearing something like that!

I have also noted on HBC where there were some negative responces about the baggy pants. You said it was so bad that you could not print the stuff the kids said to you and i believe that! [HBC note: That comment refers to the fact that we have received numerous brief messages where boys express their preferences for baggy clothes--often stating that they are more comfortable. This is by far the dominant point of view that we receive. Unfortunately, we have been unable to lod these resonses on HBC, primarily because they are so full of frofanity and crude language. This is unfortunate as we like to include a wide range of view points on our site. We draw the line, however, at crudely written e-mails with profanity.]


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Created: November 14, 2003
Last updated: November 14, 2003