French Shirts and Shirt-like Garments

Figure 1.--This CDV is not dated, but looks to date from the 1880s. The unidentified boy seems to be wearing a kind of blouse. The studio was A. Heron in Montluçon. The back is stamped Photographie des Bains du Midi. We are unsure just what that meant.

We do not yet have detailed information on the chronological trends of the Peter Pan collar in France. We do not know when it first appeared or who introduced it. Our information on the 19th century is very limited. The Peter Pan collar by the turn of the 20th century appears to have been a popular style. We notice being worn on a range of boys clothing, both dressy outfits and play styles. The Peter Pan collar (col Claudine or col rond) was one of the most popular styles for younger French boys in the 20th century. A French reader repoers, "The col Claudine seems to have been a very popular style with French mothers. It was widely used on blouses, but less commonly on shirts. Here we see a younger French boy wearing a blouse with a Peter Pan collar in the earlly 1950s (figure 1). We note an unidentified boy wearing a blouse with a Peter Pan collar in the late 1930s. Peter Pan collars were also used on other garments such as rompers and smocks.


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