German Boys' Pants: The 1950s--Types

Figure 1.--Here we see a school group, probably in the mid-1950s. We see boys wearing both short and long oanrs. One boy wears corduroy shorts. Some of the boys seem to be wearing kniockers bloused at the ankles. .

We mostly see German boys wearing short pants and long pants during the 1950s. We see a range of long and short pants being worn during during the decade. The shorts were available in different weights and material for both summer and winter wear. We see fewer boys wearing suspender shorts. Long pants steadily increased in popularity during the decade. We don't notice long pants that were specifically made for casual wear. Generally boys still generally wore older pants for play and casual wear. The growing prosperity meant that parents began to purchase actul casual clothes and not just older clothes. With the trend towaed casual clothes, there was a demand for casual pants. Some boys wore short pants such as Lederhosen, but by the end of the deccade denim jeans had begun to appear. American jeans appeard in the 50s, but many German parents did not believe that they were appropriate boyswear except after school for play. Knickers were worn in the 1940s and we still see them during the early-50s, but not very commonly after mid-decade. We notice boys wearing what seem to be knickers, but bloused just above the ankles. This is kind of like the pants that the comic character Tin-tin wore. Actually it is a little difficult to tell if these actually are kniclers or long pants.


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