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Italian Photography: Formats--Albumen Prints

Italian albumen photography
Figure 1.--This CDV shows an unidentified Parma boy wearing a boater-like hat with a dress which has stripe detaling, but no other sailor features. Also notice the pantalettes, white stockings, and high-top shoes. If you look closely you can see a wide stramer at the back of the hat. He looks to be about 5 byears old. The portait is undated, but we believe was taken in the late-1860s. The studio information on the back of the CDV mentions that they won a London photographic prize in 1865. The studio was D. Lasagna in Parma.

As in other countries, photography in the late-19th century was dominated by the albumen process. This process began to become important (1860s). This was a much less expensive process tha Dag and Ambros and copies could be cheaply made. Most albumen prints were CDVs and cabinet cards and we have found both in Italy beginning with the 1860s. In Italy, however, we have mostly found the larger cabinet cards and not nearly as mamy as from other large European countries. Most of the 19th century images we have found so far are cabinet cards. We are not sure how common CDVs were. CDVs wre very common in America and many other countries (especially Britain, France, and Germany). Our Italian 19th century archive is too limited to make any definative assesstments, but we have found few CDVs. Even so for the first time we have substantial numbers of Italian photographs, especially cabinet cards. Most of the caninet cards we have found so far date from the late-19th century, especially the 1890s. This may be affected by our acquisition process rather than actual prevalence. We think almost all CDVs were done with the albumen process. Cabinet cards are a little more complicated. Cabinet cards continued to be done in the early-20th century, but the 20th century cards were done with the silver nitrate process.


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