Japanese Activities: Play

Figure 1.--Here we see a grouobof Japanese children olaying on a jungle gym, probably in the late-1950s.

We do not know much about how Japanese children played. We haber just begun to collect information on this topic. We do know that Japanese children, especially city children grew up in heavily urbanized areas where few homes had yards of any size. This of course affected play. Japanese cities had beautiful parks, but we are not sure tht there were small nrigborhood paerks the children could use to play. We also think thast thedre were fewer sports facilities for children. Some children masy have used school playgrounds. And by the time the children were old enough to seriously engage in sport, their school work became so demanding that they had little time for sport. We have little information on popular games. there are popular traditional games for the younger children, including tag and chase games. There are some destinctively Japanese forms of play. Perhaps the best known is origami (decorative paper folding). Kite flying is also very popular, but also enjoyed in China and other countries.


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