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Figure 1.--This CDV portrait shows an older sister in a sailor dress pulling a cart carrying her toddler brother, as what we think is a brother stands behind. He looks to be wearing some kind of plaid tunic garment. The all also wear lace collars, although not identical. While the children are dressed differently they both wear identical soft sailor caps. We are unsure what to cal the toddler's Padington Bear hat. They are the Borens barn (Borens children). The portrait is undated, but the impressed studio information looks to us like the early-1900s. CDVs continued to be popular in Sweden long after hey had largely disappeared from America. The studio is D.F. Kallman of Bor�s, Sweden.

We do not yet have much information on Swedish hewawear, but our Swedish archive is griwung and we are gradually adding more garment information. We do have some limired information. We note both boys and girls wearing stocking caps during the winter. This was very common. The stocking cap were a casual, play style and also worn to school. Sweden is a Sandinavian country with hard winter. Thus a warm stocking cap was very common winter war. There may be stylistic and color differences. Some had tassles or poms and the patterns could be very colorful. After World War II we begin to see the peaked winter caps with fold up ear muffs that American boys wore. We note many boys wearing military-style caps to school, similar to the school caps German boys wore. These school caps disappeared after World War II (1939-45). Sailor headwear was also worn, both caps and hats, during the late-19th century and early-20th century. Both boys and girls wore them. Styles were similar to those worn in Germany. Most headdwear styles were gender specific. The sailor styles were an exception.


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