little boy clothes lipovarompers 1921

American Catalogs and Advertisements: Slipova Rompers (1921)

Figure 1.-- This ad for Slipova playwear appeared in the 'Saturday Evening Post' (1921). We notice several similar ads, all of which seem to use a romper suit in different colors and patterns for the illustration.

Slipova was a manufacturwr of children's clothing. A romper suit offered by the company can be seen on the previous page. Their illustrations seem to focus on girls wearing them. We dio not have the complete set of illustrations so we do not know if that was the intention. These adds were placed in mass market magazunes. Rompers in America were worn by both boys and girls. This was notable as the only non-skirted garment worn by girls. Here we see a similar pattern to England, but differed from France where it was only boys who wore rompers. As far as we know the style was the same, although there may have been color differences. We do not know much about Slipova, but they made rompers, sleepers and playclothes for boys and girls from 2-8 years. It is not clear that rompers were made to size 8 year or if this reference is to playwear in general. It appeared to be a brand name for McCawley of New York. Rompers seem to have been made to age 8 years, but girls may have worn the larger sizes. This is difficult to assess as they do not seem to figure signifcantly in the photographic record. They were a casual play garment and not worn to school. Slipova offered rompers and other play clothes. We are not sure just when this term first appeared, but this is an early usage. We tend to use the term rompers as bubble pants play suits, but this is not always how the term was used at the ime. It does seem to be how Slipova is using it. The ad copy in this Saturday Evenhing Post read, So serviceable and pretty. Slipova Rompers, Sleepers and Play-Clothes for Boys and Girls from 2 to 8 years. Middy blouses in all sizes. Many patterns."


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