Manufacturers of Boys' Clothing: McCawley (United States)

Figure 1.-This is an advertisement for Slipova children's clothing featuring a boy's short pants sailor suit. These advertisements appeared in the early-1920s, often in the "Ladies Home Journal". We do ot have the date of this ad, but we note similarads in 1921.

McCawley was an American clothing manufacturer. We do not know much about the company other than their offices including an export office were located in New York and manufacturing facilities in Baltimore. Nothing comes up on internet searches. We do know that they had a line of playclothes for younger children marketed under the Slipova brand. This also produces nothing on internet seaches othr than sample advertisements. We do note a music piece, but are unsure if they are related. We believe Slipova that was meant to convey 'slip over' clothes which made dressing younger chidrn easy. We note advertisements during the 1920s for rompers, sleepers, and play clothes for younger children from 2-8 years of age. Some were beautiful color ads in major magazines like Ladies Home Journal. They were some of the earliest major color advertisement for children's clothing that we have noted. The company also made middy blouses. The image here is undated, but probably came from the early-1920s as we seeseveral Slopova ads from this period. The ad copy read, "The beauty of SLIPOVA Play Clothes is only surpassed by their durability. Standard fabrics -- fast colors --double eams -- many styles." The 2-8 year age range meant clothes for todler, pre-schiilers, and early-primary children, We do not have further inforation on Slipova and only notice their ads in the 1920s. Ac good example is one of the ads with a romper illustration in the Saturday Evening Post, a major mass market magazine.


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