Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--January 2007

Figure 1.--Here we have a wonderful colorized Daguerreotype portrait. All we know about the boy is that his name was Elisha Dickerman because he is identified in a period pencil loose note. Elisha looks to be about 6 years old. We have no idea where he was from in America. He has long shoulder-length ringlet curls. He has a small white collar and a jacket with numerous buttons.

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January 31

Hosiery types

American family, 1840s

Vietmamese Emperor Thanh Thai

Fay button-on stockimgd

California family, 1860s]

January 30

Weber family, 1936

German brothers, 1877

Unidentified American boy, 1850s

January 29

Knee pants: Terminology

Greek Scout chronology

Greek Scout levels

Germany: Post-World War II Scouting

Unidentified boy, 1870s

January 28

Knee pants chronology: Early 20th century decade drends

African youth groups

Film review: Music Man dance scenes

January 27

Film reviews: Mm-Mu

Kazoo Suspender Waists

German knee pants: Age

Knee pants: America

Knee pants: Country trends


January 26

American hair styles: Bangs

Percy Brown

Hitler Youth membership: 1934

Patterned knee socks: Chronology

January 25

Toy blocks: More work here.

World War II: Technology and tactics

Mark Stump

Cold War spies: The Rosenbergs

January 24

Long white stockings: Germany

Kabo children's garters, 1914

South AAfrican schools: First day

The American Legion

Belt types

American Boy Scouts: 1950s

January 23

Unidentified European family

Long white stockings: Accompanying garments

Buena Vista School

January 22

German group home chronology


Japanese festivals: Chronology

January 21

Italian beach clothing

Italian family, 1940s

Italian family, 1910s

Italian Fascist colonial youth groups: Purpose

World War II: Mediterranran naval campaign

Italian Fascist colonial youth groups: Membership

Italian Fascism and the military

World war I: German youth groups

January 20

German coats: Social class

Irish kikts

U.S. headwear chronology

Sculptor: Rude

Dance classes: Boys' interests

Ecole de La Crau, 1959

Ecole de La Crau, 1982

Ecole de La Crau, 1955

French bathing costumes

Hitler Youth uniform--Hosiery

Hair cut phobia

January 19

Sculpture history

Serbian sculpture

January 18

Unidentified American boy, 1840s

Polish family, 1914

January 17

Butterick patterns

American 1876 catalogs

Polish suits

Canadian Ontario family, about 2000


Trouser suspension types


January 15

Elisha Dickerman

Santa and Jack

Santa in America

Floppy bow knots

Emery Washington Elliot

January 14

German first school day: The 1920s

Cabinet card mounts: Edges

Western boy in Zaire

January 13

Long stocking weave: School, 1920s

German regions: Baden

January 12

English beach resorts: Blackpool

World War I: The Armistice

Korean youth groups

January 11


World War I: Allied Needs

World War I: Declaration of War

January 10

British seaside resorts


Phonenix hose supporters, 1880sn

School uniform: Garments

January 9

Paper print frames

Photographic cases

Unidentified child, late 1840s

January 8

Martin Allister Wambold, 1886

Ethiopia: World War II

Paper frames

Anerican tunics: Age 3

Canadian tights: More work here

Long stocking weave 1920s: Magazine illustration

English Christmas: Philip

January 7

U.S. knickers: The 1930s

Canadian sailor suits

Ural Mountains

January 6

Biographies: Adolf History

Prince Friedrich-Wilhelm: Military service

< href="/the/movie/b/if/us/blond/mub-ser.html">Film reviews: Blondie in Society

French toy soldiers

Wilhelm and Bismarck

January 5

Japam: Fuka festival

National Christmas traditions: More work here

Italian Christmas traditions

Long stockings: Purposes

Walter family: Anout 1850

January 4

Boy dresses, 1914

Knee sock chronology

Collar chronology

January 3

Unidentified Danbury family, 1855

Early bathing suits: Chronology

German underwear

Russian tunics

January 2

John Dunlop

Main Canadian bow tie page

Canadian stripped long stockings

Canadian 19th century chronology

January 1

John Valentine Gray

German dress coordination page

Hitler Youth publications

The Water Babies

Jungen: Eure Welt: More work here.


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