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March 31

U.S. school, 1909

Greek music instruments

Portuguese garments

Portuguese post cards

u.s. school, 1907

Unidentified Civil War image

Richard'home activities

March 29

Swaziland royalty

Film review: The Fallen Idol", 1948

March 28

Richard: School and home experiences, 1970s

Hygenic School, 1886

March 27

Individual U.S. schools, 1890s

March 26

Yugoslav royalty: Prince Paul Rgency

March 25

Pierce Elementay School, 1920s

English trousers

Short pants: 20th century chronology

Country differences short pants: Reasons: More work here.

U.S. short pants

Sailor pants

March 24

Button-up sailor blouses

Unknown Austrian artist, 1911

1900s paper frame

Dennis children, 1849

March 23

Chinese school activities

German school year

South Africa: Fairway Primary School

American religious history

Toy chronology

20th century tunic styles

Unidentified American children, 1850s

March 22

Film review: The Aryan couple

Tights: Types of patterns

March 21

Ferris Good Sence Corset Waist

German tunic transitions

Stocking supporters: 12th centuryCanadian headwear styles

American kilt suit jackets

March 20

Nazeth wausts, 1921

Ingeborg and Holger Agerdal, 1923-24

Swedish sailor garments

March 19

Jenin, 2002

American sailor suits: early 20th century decades

Underwaist patent, 1883

March 18

Body brace and supporter

Combined stocking supporter and skeleton waist

March 17

Zukertute, 1910s

Zukertute, 1920s

Civil War: Confederate use of blacks

Montgomery Boynton Augell, 1894

Girls: Countries

March 16

Korczak: Costuming

South Adrican school regulations

Posture correction devices

Movie review: Entrusted

March 15

Chinese ethnic groups: The Lolo

Roman slavery

American floppy bows

American 1880s hair styles

Germany: Hosiery, 1930s

Germany: Individual school portraits

March 14

French sailor suit caps: Inter-War era

World WAr II: The Netherlands

German album: Primary portrait

March 13

U.S. cut-away jackets: Chronology

World War II: German mascots in the Soviet Union

German puppets

Unidentified German album: Secondary school

March 12

Unidentified German album: Clothing

Polish tights: Conventions

Polish tights: Chronology

Canadian catalogs: Eatons short pants suits, 1936-37

Tunic diagonal styling

American 1870s tunic chronology

Japanese schools: First Day clothing

March 11

U.S. long stockings: Colors

Artists: Robert Gottshalk

German family album (1928- )

March 10

German boys: Individuals: More work here.

Bleyle clothing

Canadian teenager, 1870s

Canadian stocks

Canadian cut-away jackets

Canadian suit chronology

March 9


First Day ceremony clothing

Japan: First Day classes

World War II: Moscow saved

World War II: Siege of Lenningrad

March 8

World war II: Displaced German children

World War II; Battle for Berlin

American slavery: Free blacks

March 6

Harris Middle School, 1931

American families: The Baileys (1897)

Austrian choirs: Wiltener Choir

March 5

French First Communion: Breton bpy

American schools: Eureka School, 1926

March 4

Sailor suits: 20th century chronology

Sailor suits: Country chronology

Sailor suits: Chronology

Soviet Pioneer ceremonies

To Kill a Mockingbird: Plot

To Kill a Mockingbird: Setting

To Kill a Mockingbird: Characters

March 3

Civil War: Black soldiers

Young Torless: Cast

Brewster O Beebe

Film review: Young Torless

March 2

Indian caste and classs

Film review: Five Children and It

Sterling Suspender Waists

Actors: H

Film reviews: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 1960

March 1

Individual French schools: 1940s

U.S. uniforms: Lodges

Indian schools: Religion

French shortalls


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