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June 30

Swiss First Communion Outfits: Styles

Switzerland: Hosiery

HJ campaign caps

Stocking caps: Country trends

June 29

Wing collars

Robert L. Wickline

English school cord jackets: Chronology

June 28

Hitler Youth: Special programs

DJ seasonal uniforms

Heinz Köhne

World War II: Axis occupation of the Balkans

U.S. schools: Central City School (1960s)

Japanese school headwear: Historical trends

June 27

Japanese school uniform sites: Headwear--Chin strap hesPertinent factors

Japanese school uniform sites: Pertinent factors

The Celts

American Fauntleroy suit: Chronology

Unidentified U.S. family (about 1890)

June 26


Serbian gypies

Serbian street football

Serbian peasant boys

Fanfur Mouse

Stocking caps

Glengarry bonnets: Country trends

Flat caps: Country trends

English glengaries

English flat caps

English stocking caps

Hair parts: Location

June 25

English schools: Warwick House School

Child actors: Elsie Leslie

Rudi Lagai, 1860s

Unidentifed Afro-American boy, 1850s

English regional dialects

June 24

Scottish sporran

Czechoslovakia youth groups: Sokol

Earl William Furlow

June 23

British regional and public school English

Holeproof long stockings

Canadian schools: College Notre Dame

June 20

Latin American youth groups: Cuba

June 19

Lederhosen: Hosiery--Long stocking chronology

German first day: Karl Heinz

Yugoslav royalty: Peter II's clothing

Serbia: Activities

German strap shoes: Designs

French fashions: Importsance

June 18

German Lederhosen: Strap shoes

German schools: Individual 20th century schools

German long stockings: The 1940s

U.S. 19th century headwear

U.S. dresses: Assessment problem

Lederhosen chronology: The 1950s

German short pants suits: Ages

June 17

German short pants suits: Neckwear

German short pants suits: Hosiery

German schools: Non-academic classroom activities

U.S. Schools: McCaskill School (1926)

June 16

U.S. pants: Patterns

Tintype cases

American shirts: Chronolog

American choirs: Types

June 15

Swiss schoolwear: Chronology

Cold War: Yugoslavia

June 14

Religion: Country trends

German suit pants: Chronology

German suits: Pants types

German Young Pioneers: Activities

June 13

German school levels: Primary schools

Canadian schools: 1920s

English language: History

German school system

U.S. Schools: Hesston School (1893)

Georg Lauritzen: Play clothes

Gerard Terbirch: Lady at Her Toilette

June 12

Sir Thomas Lawrence portrait: Arthur Atherly

English language y

Royal Navy trainining ships: HMS Lion (1897)

Georg Lauritzen

June 11

Soviet Pioneers: Chronology (1930s)

German tunics (1860s)

Getting Dressed Project: John's outer clothes (1910s)

Philippines: Climate

Philippines: Religion

Philippines: Tribal dress

Philippines: History

June 10

NAZI manners

U,S. History: The 1910s

American historical background

Fancy sailor suits

Fancy style suits

June 9

Suit garments

Vintage Zouave uniforms

Australian families

English suits: Trousers

June 8

World war II: Soviet peasantry

German manners and culture

June 7

German goodie cone: First Day

French school uniforms: Chronology

Latin America: Development

World war II: German casualties

Royal Navy training ship

German 1930s family

Hitler Youth: Activities: More work here

June 6

Hitler Youth photography

Native Americans: Captive children

Boys and girls toys

World War II: Argentina

Space race: Vostok

June 5

Swiss sailor suits: Chronology

The Space Race

Film review: Cross of Iron

June 4

British Scout associations

English hair styles: Chronology

U.S. hair parts

English rompers

U.S. short pants: 20th century chronology

Long stockings: Social class--United States

June 3

English trouser types

Smith children (1910s)

American elections: 1928

Short pants: Country trends

Long stockings: Social class

Short pants country trends: Causes

June 2

Galeston Hurrican

Austrian Parish school

Trousers: Individual country trends

Trousers: Country differences

June 1

Pants: Country trends

Canadian Schools: Old Britania School

Pants: Country trends

Department stores: Garnik Oganyesyan

Department stores: Detskiy Mir

American kilt suits: Headwear

German school: Wöbling School

Canadian schools: Gordon Township School


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