Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--December 2007

Figure 1.--This Argentine boy had a formal portrait taken, probably in the early 1960s. He wears a medium-colored, standard sack suit. I'm unsure about the acual color. This is a regular suit, not an Eton suit. Note the lapels. Also notice the white tie.

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December 31

Ukranian boys clothes

World War II Poland: Forced labor

Tom Kaasr

December 30

Montreal boy

American hair cuts: Bowl cuts

Burgess Stanley

Wooden shoes

Knee sock types

School headwear chronology

December 29

Italtian Balillal footwear

Princess Marguerite de Broglie and her Cousin Robert

French blouse jacket rompers

December 28

French romper types

Tsar Nicholas II: Family life

France and the Anglo Saxons

Child actor: Andrew Ray

North American history

December 27

American lace collr blouses: Sizes

December 26

Individual U.S. school: Peabody School

Individual U.S. school: Abbeville School

December 25

Norwegian boys: Chronology

American Eton collars: Neckwear types

German stocking supporters

December 24

William Carpenter

Hair styles: More work here.

World War II: The German people and messianic leadership

Film review: The Boy Cried Murder

U.S. First Communions: 19th century

December 23

Fauntleroy suits: Individual countries

U.S. lace collars: Blouses

Suspender pants: Country trends

December 22

American floppy bows: Chronology

American kilt suits: Hosiery and pantalettes

German Lederhosen: The 1900s

December 21

World War I: American contribution

American knee pants suits: The 1920s

December 20

Soviet Aptex school

East Germany: Late 20th-century

December 19

World War I: German volunteer officer training

U.S. neckwear trends: Age

Russian Revolution

German Christmas tree lights

Christmas tree tradition

December 18

Italian Balilla summer camps

Italian basket boys

December 17

U.S. Army: Inter-War Years

U.S. knickers suits: Ages

Al'dona Volynskaia

Headwear: Country trends

December 16


German skirted garments: Specific garments

World War II: German soldier photography

World War II: Iceland

American Fauntleroy suits: Hair styles

English sailor headwear: Hats

December 15

English family (1850s)

December 14

Russian Civil War: Famine (1921-22)

Indian schools: Tilaka prevalence

December 13

German Lederhosen length

Japanese schools: First day portrait (1953)

American skirts: Conventions

German Christmas day

Mexican history

December 12

Italian altar boy costumes

Indian schools: Tilaka

American Eton colars: 1910s

American flat tops

U.S. long stockings: Garments

U.S. long stockings: Short trouser types

U.S. long stockings: Trouser types

December 11

American sailor tunics

Argentine First Communion: Sack suits


German sailor hats: Brims

U.S. knickers suits: Ages

U.S. caps: Commercial fur caps

U.S. caps: Fur caps

December 10

German First Communion (1930)

German headwear: Chronology

German headwear

German First Communion (1946)

Hubbard brothers

German sailor suits: Bloomer knickers

German cropped hair: 19th century

Americans knickers: Chrnology

American knee pants: Chronology

American collars: Wing collars

Film reviews: Music man cast

December 9

Egyptian ethnicity

U.S. dresses: Defined waiss

The Philippines

American schools: Boys' Industrial School (1900s)

Individual American schools: The 1880s

December 8

Jewish Diaspora: Turkey

World War II: Barbarossa invasion force

German sailor suits: Short pants

December 7

Belgian royalty

Belgian first communion garments: Sailor suits

December 6

Louis XIV: Mistresses and illegitimate children

Eugène Prince Imperial

Napoleon II: Childhood in France

Napoleon Charles Bonaparte

Sears garters and garter waists (1936)

First Communion: Pennsylvania boy

U.S. black long stockings: Conventions

December 5

Napoleon II: Adult life

The Bonapartes

Boys concert bands

Louis XIV: Minority

December 3

U.S. ringlet curls: Regional trends

Muslims, Toys, and Animals

Oliver Twist suits

December 2

Oliver Twist suits

German sailor suits: Inter-war era conventions

American kilt-suit garments: The kilt-skirt

The German people and war

December 1

U.S. ruffled collar: Sack suits

U.S. long stockings: Striped patterns

Civil War drummer boy: Robert Hendershoot

American dresses: Collars

England: Leggings

Teddies: Sudan


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