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Malta history
Figure 1.--T.

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May 31

U.S overalls: Chronology

American Little Lord Fauntleroy jackets: Classic Fauntleroy cut-away jackets


Civilized/Barbarian-pastoral balance of power: Barbarian culture

British neolithic pre-history (900,000-c6,000 BP)

World War II air campaign: Civil defense--Country trends

May 29

World War II: British school air raid drills: Safe areas

Little Lord Fauntleroy blouses: Chronology

May 28

Slavery in the Middle East and North Africa: Early-modern era

May 27

Children and World War II: National food policies More work here.

World War II: Food --North America

Ancient history: 3rd century AD

May 26

English boy: Frank Laurence

May 25

Norwegian Boys' Clothes: Chronology--20th Century

May 24

American 1870s Sailor Suits: Detailing

World War II: The German People and Hitler--Shift in popular support

May 22

United States Norfolk Suits: Chronology--The 1880s

May 21

Amerivan boy: Seymour Ferris

May 20

English 1890s School Trends: School clothing--Garments

African Americans: Southern rural population (1860s-1940s)

English childrens' hair styles: Parting--Side parts

World War II bombing targets: Country vulnerability -- China

May 19

English childrens' hair: Side parts--Gender

May 18

Mexican photographers -- Rafael Doniz>?a>

English kilts: Social class

Civil war: Runaway slaves--Contraband legal status

May 17

Latin American: Lack of Tiger Economies--Socialism

Afruican-Amerucan cgrinology: The 1910s

Fauntleroy suit demographics

Children's footwear

May 16

German automotive sector: Early years

May 15

U.S. public secondary schools: Attendance

Dutch boys clothing: Suits--Chronology

May 14

French boys headwear: Chronology

Belarus: Soviet era economy

May 13

Amerivan footwear: Sandals--the 1920s

English schools: Mid-19th century--Decade trends

American girls hair styles

Roman conquest of Britain

May 12

Dutch sailor suits: 19th century

American girls' hair styles: Styles

May 11

Dutch edication: Girls schools

English chronologies: Victorian Era--The 1850s

May 10

The Atlantic slave trade: Modern dDiscussions

May 9

World War II: NAZI Rearmanment/Armament -- Key figures

May 8

Historical girls' clothing: Countries--Ukraine

World War II Horses: Country trends--Germany

May 7

Ukranian schools

World War II refugees: Country Trends--Belgium

May 6

Japanese school uniforms: Chronological trends

British welfare state

Giuseppe Bruno: Folk garments

May 5

World War II: The Bulge

World War II: German fight to the end

English bikes:Chrionology--19th century

American automobile industry (1930s)

May 4

American sailor tunic: Age Trends: 7 year olds

May 3

American child (1870s)

May 2

?German Automotive Sector: Post-World War I Era (1919-32)

May 1

Phtograophers: Giuseppe Bruno (Italy, 1836-1904)

Giuseppe Bruno: Commercialization

Giuseppe Bruno : Insights on Immigration to America


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