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Malta history
Figure 1.--T.

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June 30

American boy dresses: Assessment problems

June 28

Native American tribes: Navajo children

June 27

Amrrican collar buttoning jackets: Styles button-on look

June 26

American button-on suits: Construction

Scottish girls clothing: Garments

June 25

American boy: Walter Moffett

June 24

American kilt suits: Long stickings

English dresses: Inidentified children

June 23

English Dresses: Unidentified Children--Image 7 Decorative Dress

June 22

Scottish families: Glasgow

Youth groups: Children's Crusade

June 21

English overcoats

World War I bios: Theodore Roosevelt

June 20

Australian suits

World War II: The Bulge--101st Airborn

Australia: Tunics--Ages

Sailor suit chronology: The 1910s--Garments

June 19

American Fauntleroy suits age grading

World War II metals: Animony

June 18

Italy: Early automotive industry

American boy: Caroll Ebert Kelly (1896)

June 15

Australian boys: Jim Anderson

World War II: Defeating the NAZIs: Europe First

June 13

U.S. Schools: Rural Education--Chronology

June 12

World War II: German V-1 Program: Allied Counter Measures

Wotld War II: Japanese Invasion of the Dutch East Indies

June 9

Anerican radio: Eddie Cantior shiws

Italian ecionomy: United Kingdom sectors--Agriculture

June 8

American knicker suits: Chronology--The 1910

English Broad-brimmed Hats: Types

June 7

English Sailor Suits Chronology: The 1920s

June 6

English Sailor Suits Chronology: The 1920s

World War I motorcycles: United States

Italian Christian Campo Scuola (Summer Day Camps): Sponsoring Church Units

June 5

Victory in Europe Celebrations: Soviet Union (June 24, 1945)

Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: Jean-Victor Schnetz (France, 1787-1870)

June 3

World War II: North Africa--El Alamein and Operation Torch(July 1942-April 1943)

June 2

English 1920s Preparatory School Historical Trends: School Uniforms

U.S. School Overalls: Chronology

June 1

United States Outings: Picnics

United States Double-breasted Jackets: Chronology--The 20th Century


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