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Vintage English School Uniforms

Figure 1.--An English reader writes, "I thought you might be interested in these pictures of my prep school uniform cap and tie for the UK school pages. They have survived over 50 years after first being worn as part of the uniform for St Hughs Woodhall Spa, same as the previous contribution I made a number of years ago.

No country has had a greater infuence in school uniform than England. English school uniforms styles are today worn around the world. This was in part due to the workd-wide streach of the British Empire. There were, however, many countries influenced by England that were not part of the Empire, such as the United States. Mant other coutries also adopted English style schoolwear, including countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania. English styles have not only influenced school uniform styles, but general styles children wore to school--some becanme classic school styles. English school styles were largely developed at the country's famous public (private secondary) boarding schools. They were adopted at the grammar (day secondary) schools. Only after World War II did state primary begin adopting uniforms. The British uniform styles have affected school uniforms all over the world. The garnents include headwear, blazers, suits, shirts collars, ties, pants, hosiery and footwear. We are archived a range of these garments for our HBC website because vintage garments provide useful infornmatiion not readily discerable from the photographic record.


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