U.S. School Clothes: Tower Country Day School

Figure 1.--Here we see boys at the Tower Country Day School in an art lesson. They are wearing smovcks to protect their clothes. This photograph at the school was taken in 1942-43.

We have found some images from the Tower Country Day School Wilmington. We assume that would be Deleware. We have heard the term "country day school" used before. This would have been a private school. The day school means that it was not a boarding schoiol. We are not positive, but we believe that the country mean that it was located outside of the city center and meant to convey that it had spacious grounds. Many exclsuive boarding schools were located in the country. The name "country day school" seems toi have been designed to have captured the image of a private school in bucolic settings, but without boarding. We do not know when the school was founded. Available images show it was functioning in the 1940s. Rhe image here shows an art class. We also notice a dance class. The photographs were taken in 1942-43. We do not know if the school still exists. There does not appear to have been a school uniform. The available images from the 1940s show the boys wearing short panrs and the girls dresses.


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