Traditional Harrow School Uniform

Figure 1.--This Hills & Saunder portrait was taken in Harrow. (They also had studios in Eton, Cambridge, Oxford, and London.) The CDV portrait shows a Harrow boy, we think in the 1870s. We believe the boy is Montague John Rendall. Notice the rather smll collar.

We have some information about the school uniform at Harrow. We are not sure when a formal uniform was first instituted. We are unsutre about headwear un the 19th century. We note boys wearing both top hats and boaters at the turn of the 20th century. We note Harrow boys wearing what we might call an Eton suit, although we are sure the Harrow boys would have not described them as such. By Eton suit we mean a short, dark jacket worn with lighter-colored long trousers. Note the boy here in the 1870s wearing a a vest (waistcoat) that matches the jacket (figure 1). The detachable Eton collars worn with the suit seem less severe than those worn by Eton boys, although our archive is very limited at this point. We are not sure just when this uniform was adopted, but we note them in the 1870s and they were being worn into the 1930s. The Eton suit continued as the dress for juniors at Harrow into the 1960s.


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