** American Juvenile Eton suits: chronology 1910s

American Eton Suits: Chronology--The 1910s

Figure 1.--Here we see some unidentified siblings, dressed for summer we think in the late-1910s. The children look to be about 7-13 years old. The girl's huge hair bow help date the portrait to the 1910s. This is one of the earliest American Eton suits we have found although mother has chosen more of a Peter Pan collarand the jacket has a touch of Norfolk styling. Notice the boy is still wearing knee pants rather than short pants. By the 1920s these Eton suits were almost always done with short pants. Click on the image for a fuller discussion.

We have not yet noted many American Eton suits in the 1910s. We see American bots wearing Eron collars in the 19th century and this continued into the early 20th century, including th 1910s. We do not see a jacket specifically designed to wear with Eton collars. Rather we see boys simply wearing Eton collars with the popular jackets of the day. It is not impossible that these juvenile American Eton suits appeared in the 1910s, but we gave not yet found examples in the photographic record. We have found a few inages undated oamges that look like they may have been taken in the 1910s, probably the late-10s. Nor have we found examples in catalogs. We susperct that some may exist for the later-1910s, but we hanv not yet found any.


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Last updated: 12:34 PM 11/1/2021