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American Fancy Older-boy Blouses: Collars

older Fauntleroy blouses
Figure 1.-- Here we have a large 5"x7" in cabinet card portrait of Arthur and Margaret Brooks aged about 3-6 years old. The boys wears a striped Fauntlroy blouse for older boys, this one with a square collar. Many of these blouses had decorative frills. This one os lasrge, but plain. The boy's bow is a rare sheer materrial. The portrait is undated, but looks like the 1900s decade. The studio was Bowden on Photographers Row on Magnolia Street in Atlanta, Georgia. .

These older boy Fauntleroy blouses were highly variable. The one consistent feature is that the collars were all large, often ectending to the soulders and much of the top of the blouse. They also had back flaps. We are not sure why this was, but the classic blouses also had back flaps. Other than the size and back flaps, these blouses were highly variable in many other ways. We note both pointed and rounded collars. There were also some square collars without tips. We see these collars for only a short period, mostly in the 1900s when the Fauntleroy Craze itself was declining. We uusually date the Funtleroy Craze to 1885-1905, but wec see these lasrge collars abnd fancy blouses for older boys throughout the 1900s decasde.


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