American 1890s Sailor Suits: Colors

Figure 1.--This unidentified family had three children. Note the flower in the man's lapel. The boy wears a sailor suit with a large white bow. He looks to be about 7 years old. It is a light-colored suit, but we are not sure about the color--perhaps brown or grey. This cabinet card portrait looks ti have been taken in the 1890s. The studio was Lacerte Photographer in Wausau, Wisconsin.

We note mostly colored suits, but we do see some white summer suits. Unfirtunately we can not tell what colors were used because of the black-and-white photography of the day. We can tell that there were both light and dark colored suits. We suspect thast many were blue, especially the dark suits. We know from catalogs that there were other colors used. We note in addition to blue and white, colors like grey and brown and a few colors that were much less common. This is our primary source of color information in addition to a few vintage garments. We note a 1892 pattern that suggested blue serge. Wards offered 1895 reefer suits in colors like black, blue, brown, cream, and grey somme of which were used in checks.


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