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Figure 1.--This 1954 French thriller, (Les) Diaboliques, was set in a boarding school and the clothes the boys wore were a good reflection of what French boys at the time were wearing.

You can also slect the movies available on HBC by using this alphabetical movie listing. At this time only a few movies have been analized by HBC for clothing information, but more pages are being added all the time.

(Les) Diaboliques (France, 1954/55)

Thriller concerning the murder of the headmaster of a French boarding school. The original French title of this film is Les Diaboliques. I think that would translate as The Devils. The film was released in 1954 and the clothes worn by the children are a good reflection of French boys' clothes at mid-decade. It is a very good thriller set in a seedy French boarding school. The tale involves the headmaster and his wife in a murder plot. A film guide discribes it as "A sadistic headmaster's wife and mistress conspire to murder him; but his body disappears and evidence of his presence haunts them." The film appeared in a German version as Die Tauflischen.

Diamonds of the Night - (Czechoslovakia, 1964)

Two Jewish boys escape from a Nazi death march, living like savages while being hunted. A nightmarish representation of their mental anguish under extreme physical and psychological stress. Documentary-like footage is intercut with the boys' dreams, fantasies and hallucinations. Based on a novel by Arnost Lustig.

Diary of a Murderess - (US, 1974)

A wealthy industrialist becomes the victim of his mute son's scheming nurse.

(La) discesa di Aclà a Floristella - (Italy, 1992)

This movie was about the carusi in Sicily. Caruso was the slang name for boys in Sicily. Carusi is the plural. These were boys that poor parents rented out to wotk in the sulphur mines. They were essentially slaves during the rental period. The fi, was made in 1992. It was titled "La discesa di Aclà a Floristella" (Aclas descending into Floristella). Floristella was one of the sulphur mines.

Dick Tracy - (US, 1990)

Tracy's side kick the Kid (Charlie Korsmo) wears kickers. There is one nice scene wear the Kid objects to tracy's girl friend picking out a suit for him. He runs out into the street in his longjohns until Tracy agrees to let him select his new suit.

Die Geschichte des Thomas B - (German, late70s)

A bed wetting boy in an orphanage waiting for an adoption. A rich family adopts him and he stops bed wetting after a long period. The adoption worked out well. He wears shorts in the summer time.

(A) Different Affair - (US, 1987)

A radio psychiatrist life is altered when the child she has been sponsoring arrives on her door step. He is about 11, but I have no details on the clothes yet.

Figure 2.--This English boy wears a traditional school uniform for the Disney film, "Digby--The Biggest Dog in the World". Note the large peak on the cap. Most school caps had smaller peaks.

Digby - the Biggest Dog in the World - (UK, 1973)

This film stars a very shaggy, slobbery main character. He won’t stop growing until he destroys us all. Of course, he is Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World, and he must be stopped. You can't blame Digby for this state of affairs. He is only an unfortunate British sheepdog. How was he to know the harmless-looking liquid he lapped up was actually the super-secret Project X, a vegetable-growing compound? But lap he did, and he begins getting getting and bigger, pounding shockwaves into the city streets and slurping up entire lakes with his gargantuan tongue. Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, usually film heros, understandably beloeve that the only way to stop this Canis humongous is to blow him to doggie heaven. Digby’s young master, Billy White, has quite another plan. Billy seeks to reverse the effects of Project X with an equally-potent shrinking serum. Can Billy accomplish his plan in time? Pray for our Digby. (Our British friends refere to a family member as "Our Bill" or "Our Jane".) This U.K. production didn’t proveveerybpopular in England, but when it crossed the Atlantic, its zany comic skits and oddly-dubbed dialogue appears to have earned Digby a loyal litter of fans who anxiously await a chance to see the big dog in action again. HBC has few details on this film. It is clarrly set in England because the boy wears a traditional school uniform, complete with peaked cap, blazer, tie, short trousers, and kneesocks. The boy's peaked cap had an usually large peak. Also the kong hair he wore rather dates the film to the 1970s. There was a time when prep schools would not have allowed such long hair.

Dime with a Halo - (US, 1963)

Five Mexican kids steal a dime from a church collection plate. They win big on a hot racing tip, but have trouble collecting their winnings.

Dimka - (USSR, 1963)

A compassionate film about childhood. The film is about a 5-year old boy, Dimka (Alyosha Zagorsky). The boy is suitably dressed in shorts. He goes shopping to find a husband for his mother.

Figure 3.--Jackie Cooper is seen here wearing a military school uniform in the 1935 film "Dinky".

Dinky - (US, 1935)

I do not lnow much about this film. It is one of Jackie Cooper's best known films. He apparently attends a military boarding school. In the film Jackie plays Dinky Daniels, a standout military school cadet. His mom (played by Mary Astor) is set up to take the blame for embezzlement at the bank where she works. She's convicted and sent to prison. Dinky's mom tries but fails to keep news of her plight from reaching Dinky and his friends at the military school. Ashamed and unable to bear the taunts of his cohorts at the military, Dinky leaves the school and goes to an orphanage, where the children are more understanding of his situation. Eventually, Dinky's mom is cleared of the false charges, and Dinky returns to his old school, a hero once more. The military school uniform appears to be dark grey, the tunic closed at the collar, and peak caps. The children at the orphanage wear clothes typical of Depression-era America; they look much like the well-worn clothes of the children of "Our Gang".

Dirkham Detective Agency -

Three grade school kids start their own detective agency. When their big case breaks, they get more than they bargained for. Made for TV movie.

Dirt - (UK, 1938)

Roddy McDowall has a bit part.

(The) Dirt Bike Kid - (US, 1985)

A 14-year old boy exposes a corrupt banker with the aid of his magical dirk bike. Wacky movie made for kids. Peter Billingsley, Stuart Pankin

Disorderly Conduct - (US, 1932)

Dickie Moore

(Les) Disparus de Saint-Agil - (France, 1938)

Les Disparus de Saint-Agil was a French film released in 1938. Jean-Marie Berthiaum wrote the screenplay. The film was set in a boarding school, a French college. This means a school for for ptr-teenand teen boys, andcnot just highschool boys like an American prep school. The director was Christian Jaque. The plot involves three boys at the college who form a secret society. They want to go to America. Then one of the boys see a man who seems to becoming out of a wall. He tells the others, but then disappears. Soon the second boy disappears. There is suspense as to whr\ether they have taken off fvor America or if something sinister is unfolding. At this point the art teacher is brutally murdered. The surviving third boy starts to investigate.

(A) Dispatch from Reuters - (US, 1940)

Dickie Moore

Displaced Persons - (German)

Set in an orphanage dealing with post World War II displaced children, concentrates on a black boy who attaches himself to a black U.S. serviceman. Boys at the orphanage wear shorts. Dubbed in English.

Distant Voices, Still Lives - (UK, 1989)

A British movie set in the Liverpool U.K. during and after World War II. I haven't seen the movie, but I believe one theme is the relationship between an insensitive father and his son who is appropriately dressed in shorts.

(The) Divided Heart - (UK, 1954)

A young German couple is forced into a custody battle over their adopted son who is claimed by his natural mother from Yugoslavia (Slovenia). In an extended flash back the boy is pictured as about 4 or so. He wears shorts, tights or high stockings, and sandals. The major role of Tony/Ivan (Michael Ray), the 10-year old boy is very appealingly played. Amazingly, although the movie is set in Germany Tony and his friends all wear long trousers, although it is often difficult to tell. A few boys are briefly seen in knickers. It is a bit ridiculous that a 1954 movie set in Germany should have all the boys in long pants, although it takes place during the winter. It is even more ridiculous that such a movie should be made in the U.K. In several scenes Tony wears a smart long pants suit.

Divorce in the Family - (US, 1932)

Jackie Cooper


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