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Figure 1.--This still is from "Hand in Hand" (1959/61). I do not know much about the film, except that it is obviously English.

You can also slect the movies available on HBC by using this alphabetical movie listing. At this time only a few movies have been analized by HBC for clothing information, but more pages are being added all the time.

(The) Hairdresser's Husband (France, 1990)

See: (Le) Mari de la Coiffeuse.

Half a Sinner - (US, 1934)

Mickey Rooney

Halfaouine--Boy of the Terraces (Tunisia, 19??)

Coming of age film. The boy who is an older teenager wears short pants throughout the entire film. HBC believes that boys, including Muslim boys, wore short pants during the French colonial era. Today in Tunisia and other Islamic countries, boys do not commonly wear shorts. In Afganistan, the Tailaban even banned shorts during sports.

Hamad and the Pirates -

Hand in Hand - (UK, 1959/61)

A Catholic boy (Philip Needs) and a Jewish girl form a special friendship by sharing each others religious services and home life. The children are about 7 or 8 years. They war simple school uniforms. It was directed by Philip Leacock. The cast included John Gregson and Sybil Thorndike. I have little additional information on the film.

Hand Me Down Kid -

Hang Your Hat on the Wind -

Hanging By a Thread - (US, 1979)

A group of people are caught in a disabled cable car and their lives flash through their minds.

Figure 2.-- Here we see Professor Novotny' 11-year-old son Beda studying with his leg over the arm of the chair. The two adults in the photo are his older sister and her fiance, Beda's future brother-in-law, whom he later helps to rescue. Beda has a major role in the story. The child actor was Billy Roy, a child who appeared in numerous Hollywood films

Hangmen Also Die - (US, 1943)

Here's a film that HBC doesn't appear to have noted. It's an important film, historically--Fritz Lang's only venture into Hollywood--a story based on a famous story by Bertold Brecht treating in a fictional way the assassination of the Nazi ruler of Bohemia/Moravia (Czechoslovakia), Reinhard Heydrich, who on May 27, 1942, was shot by unidentified resistance fighters during the Nazi occupation of that country. Fritz Lang, of course, was a very famous German film director--the director of "M", a film that I've already reviewed for HBC. Many film historians regard this film, "Hangmen Also Die" (1943) starring Brian Donlevy, Walter Brennan, and Gene Lockart, as an early example of film noir--partly because of the black and white medium and also because of dark subject matter combined with dark cinematography.

Hangover Square - (US, 1945)

Roddy McDowal's voice is used.

Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates - (US, 1969)

Musical production of the classic story about a young boy who skates the canals toward Amsterdam in an attempt to convince a renowned doctor to help his ailing father.

Hans Christian Anderson (US, 1952)

Musical about a cobbler who tells fairy tales and falls in love with a ballerina. Many children appear in the film, but there are no really interesting costumes. Most of the boys wear longs or longish knicker length pants. A few interesting caps. The film stars Danny Kaye. It was a big budget Hollywood production detailing the life of the famed Danish story teller. The movie had elaborate period costuming. I'm not sure, however, about the accuracy of the costuming.

Hansel and Gretel - (US, 1982)

Famous Grimm fairy tale. This was a play with Ricky Schroder. I saw some of it on a distant TV station. I think that incredibly Ricky wears long trousers! Almost any version of "Hansel and Gretel" has Hansel wearing short pants or knicker-length lederhosen. For some reason someone decided that in this version Ricky would wear long pants. You sort of wonder about the people that produce these things.

Hansel and Gretel - (US, 1987)

Adaptation of the Grimm fairy tale. Hugh Pollard and Nicola Stapleton.

(The) Happiest Days of Our Lives - (England, 1950)

Some of us may well remember this wonderfully funny old film. Nutbourne, an all-boys boarding school, receives word that due to post-war shortages, it must be billeted with another boarding school. The headmaster, Mr. Pond (played by Alastair Sim), is happy to oblige, until he learns that horrors among horrors, by some bueaucratic blunder, the other school is an all girls school! Converting Nutbourne into an instantly co-ed school becomes a series of farces. At first there is friction between the two head teachers. Miss Whitchurch, headmistress of the girls' school played by Margaret Rutherford, who could play the part more perfectly, and Mr. Pond battle to gain the upperhand in this uproarious situation. To make matters worse, Miss Whitchurch is to escort a group of the girls' mothers (who expect an all girls school) around the school on the very day that Mr. Pond (hoping to be hired as headmaster of a more prestigious academy) must impress his prospective employers (who are expecting an all boys' school). but they are soon drawn together as they battle there way through one crisis after another including dealing with the Ministry of Education who were responsible for bringing the two schools together. Mr. Pond and Miss Whitchurch are forced to cooperate, and they go to elaborate lengths to pull things off to their advantage. All their ruses eventually fail, however, and at film's end Miss Whitchurch suggests to Mr. Pond that they seek employment at her brother's coffee plantattion in Brazil! (If they knew what was coming in modern education, this might not have seemed all that outlandish.) In the film the boys wear long trousers suits and neckties. For PT they wear T shirts, shorts, and plimsolls. This film is a comic classic that has lost none of its charm through the years.

Happy Endings - (US,1983)

A teenager puts his dreams of becoming a song writer on hold to keep his brothers and sisters together.

Happy Land (US, 1943)

War propaganda film, I might have the title slightly wrong. Two boys have prominent roles, playing the main character at two ages. One is about 6 years old and wears shorts. He his attached to his dog and gets into trouble for taking him to school. As an older boy he wears long pants, even for Scouts. Dickie Moore is in the film, but at 17 or 18 I think he was to old to play the part of the boy.

Happy Road (US, 1957)

This film was relaeased in 1957, but it has a somewhat earlier look. Two children escape from a French boarding school so that they can reunite with their parents. The boy thinks thjt making it to Paris will demonstrate that they can look out for themselves. For film buffs, Happy Road is good fun and entertainment - a "Gee, they don't make 'em like they used to" film. Lots of clothing styles represented. The traditional uniform at the Swiss school, and the smock and beret at the picnic--makes one wonder if smocks were sometimes worn for such outings! Lots of boys wear short pants, but only at the boarding school do boys wear kneesocks. The reaction of the American boy to his new French clothes is interesting; emerging from the tent at the festival, he first looks to be shrugging and thinking, perhaps, "Whatever!" Then on the boat, he says, he'll be "ruined", "if this gets out back home." And at the end of the film, he's positively accepted his new clothes! He says, "Kook at my pants, just like a French boy. Now I can stay with you and go to school here in Paris."

(The) Happy Time - (US, 1952)

A fine comedy about the ups and downs of a loving, but ecentric French Canadian famil in Quebec. It is a coming of age story about 12-year old Bebe played by Bobby Driscoll. It is set in the 1920s. Bene wears a knickers suit complete with a matching flat cap. The character includes a French maid and a picturesqe grandfather. The Americans next door include a girl who has a crush on him and her brother who calls him "fancy pants". He also has trouble with a mean school master.

(The) Happy Years - (US, 1950)

A mischievous boy (Dean Stockwell) is expelled from the local school and is sent to boarding school. He doesn't get on at school and the other boys harass him, chasing him about until they learn that he can fight. He then proceeds to materminds pranks and capers at the school. Darryl Hickman also has a part. I like Dean's acting very much, but the this movie is very disappointing. The costuming provides obly a few insights into period clothing. At the end of the film he wore a light grey suit with a red cravat and mustard coloured vest. The boys wore early versions of Gridiron uniforms with padded knee trousers. The film is set in 1896. Dean plays a rather braggart of a boy, rather out of character. He tries to look and carry himself as brash boy and it just doesn't work. His best movie roles are all where he portrays a sensitive boy. A little boy during the summer rings the church bells. He wears a velvet Fauntleroy suit with a lace collar. He has short black pants that had buttons down the side and and black stockings. He has a feud with an older boy (Darryl Hickman). Based on a famous series of books about the Lawrenceville Academy.

Hardball - (US, 2002)

James Neubauer

Hard Choices - (US, 1984)

An odd, special romance is played against the brutal world of drugs and murder. A 15-year old Tennessee farm boy charged as an accessory to murder enters into a fateful relationship who becomes his liberator and lover. Gary McCleery stars as young Bobby Lipscom in this hard-edged look at the problems facing juveniles sentenced to terms in adult prisons.

(The) Hardys Ride Again - (US, 1939)

One of Mickey Rooney's Andy Hardy series.

(The) Harmonists (United States, 1997)

'The Harmonists' is a true story about a group of German singers. Harry Frommermann is fascinated by music and listens to American records. He conceives of creating a German version of the American a-cappella band he hears--"The Revellers". He forms a group with four other singers and a pianist. After a long time of practicing and duisappointing performance, the groups begins to become popular. They call themselves the "The Comedian Harmonists". They become a sensation in Europe and even the United States. The group was noted for brilliant imitations of music instruments giving the impression of a large orchestra. After the NAZIs take over, the groupis banned from performing publically because three of the members are Jewish (1834). The group's last concert was in Hannover on March 25, 1934. Some ran away, some did not, but all survived the War.

Harnessing Peacocks - (US, 1993)

A single mother flees to Cornwall where she establishes herself as a cook for rich women and a mistress for rich men.

(The) Harrad Experiment - (US)

Harriet the Spy - (US, 1996)

Based on a famous children's book. Harriet refuses to be intimidated by a 6th grade classmate. Harriet gets into trouble when she writes the less than laudatory findings of her spying on her classmates in her diary. Her two buddies, one a boy named Sport (Gregory Smith) and nanny try to help her. Not a very exciting production, but pre-teen girls might like it.

Harry -

David Deluse

Harry and the Hendersons - (US, 1987)

Typical TV-type drivel about bigfoot. After they discover him, they take him home and their lives are turned upside down. The movie includes a boy, about 10 or so, who wears large glasses.

Harry and the Tiger (US, 1958)

Rather tawdry drama about the hunt for a man-eatting tiger in India with a romance sub-plot. A little English boy has a small role. He wears a casual blue shirt, khaki short pants, ankle socks, and closed toe sandals. The socks look white in some outdoor shots and khaki in indoor shots.

Figure 3.--Under Harry's school apprentice wizzard robes he wears a standard English school uniform.

Harry Potter - (England, 2001)

The Harry Potter films are based on the Harry Potter series of books by British writer J.K. Rowling. A HBC reader reports that the film is "Great fun". Another reader writes, "he boy's do not wear the traditional English short trouser uniforms or caps. This is not a decission by the film makers, but reflects the illustrations in the Rowlings books. Presumably as Rowkings wrote the books at a time when British school boys mostly wore long pants, that must have reflected her decisssion." As the story is sent in contemorary times, the uniform does accurately reflect what British school children were wearing at the time the books were published.

Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone - (England, 2001)

Poor Harry leads a horrible life with his cruel aunt and uncle, and their abominable son, Dudley, who is a fat, spoiled bully. Harry as a closet for a room at the foot of the stairs. His aunt and uncle haven't even given hum a birthday party in 11 years. All of that changes when a mysterious letter arrives by owl messenger--an invitation to an incredible place that will change Harry for ever. Harry is played by Daniel Radcliffe.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - (England, 2002)

The adventures continue in Hogwart land. Mamy of the old faces are back and several new characters are added from Rowling's second book. Of course Harry, Ron, and Hermione are back for more adventures.

Hatburner -

Haunted Honeymoon - (US, 1986)

Worthless movie, but I did catch a glimpse of a flash back in which Larry, Gene Wilder's character, is depicted as a boy (Alister Hailey) in a wedding. He wears a velvet suit with a wide white collar. His mother is primping him in his fancy suit before a wedding. I didn't see what kinds of pants he was wearing nor do I know if he appeared in any previous scenes.

(The) Haunted School - (Australia, 1984 or 86)

A young woman's efforts to establish a school in the Australian outback during the late 1880s are met with hostility. Grant Navin.

Hawaii Calls - (US, 1938)

Bobby Breen

(The) Hazing - (US, 1977)

A prestigious college fraternity gets into trouble with pledge week activities. A reasonably done picture addressing the issue of fraternity hazing and fraternity exclusiveness. Hazing is limited during most of the movie, but then explodes during Hell Week. All kinds of hazing is depicted.


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