*** boys clothing: lederhosen depictions in movies

Movie Depictions of Lederhosen

Figure 1.--HBC knows little about this German film, "Wo die alten Walder rauschen". Two boys are involved who wear short and knicker-length lederhosen.

Lederhosen through the 1960s were commnly worn as boys know where jeans. Boys often wore them for hikes in the coubtryband they were popular with the Wandervogel, Hitler Youth, and Scout groups. There now appaer in films as more of a folk costume. They are most commonly scene in German and Austrian films, but they were also worn in other areas of Europe.

Almost Angels - (Austria/U.S., 1957/62)

Toni, an eager younger singer beginning an apprenticeship with the Vienna Boys' Choir, must deal with an older bully and a disapproving father. He forms a mischievous friendship with another boy. Shows some shots of the boys performing in girls' clothes. They are shown trying on dresses and petticoats. One boy is shown trying on fully ruffled white panties. They are shown later backstage in their dresses, both with and without their wigs. For liesure wear on a outing the boys wear lederhosen. Peter Weck, Hans Holt

Mein shatz est auf Tyrol (Austria/Germany?, 1958)

This film is "Mein schatz ist aus Tyrol", "My ?? is in the Alps" (1958). I am not sure if it is German or Austrian. The Story is a bit difficult to fathom, but involves a bit of romance some singing and dancing, and of course beautiful Alpine scenery. Hopefully our German readers will know more about the film. You could say quite forgetable, but the production quality is excellent. The costuming seems very accurate. The main character I believe is called Sigfried Breuer jun. He normally is costumed in lederhosen, as are many of the other children in the film. He also wears a well-used Tyrolean cap.

Sound of Music - (US, 1965)

Musical version of the trap family saga. The film is based on a true story, but thr Trapps thought the film was rather soppy. It was a block buster long-running hit on Broadway with Mary Martin before finally being made into a film musical with Julie Andrews. The children first appear in identical grey sailor suits with green trim. I'm not sure how common this was in Austria, it is likely that blue and white suits were more common. The boys wear shorts and the girls skirts, bith with white kneesocks and white shoes. They also wear play suits, and lederhosen, mostly in short pants and knee socks. The only difference between the older an younger boy is that when they wear lederhosen, the older boy wears the knicker style. Often the boys and girls all wear similar outfits. In one scene, the younger boy wears a night gown. Costuming of the wedding scene, however, is very plain.

Wo die alten Walder rauschen - (Germany)

HBC knows little about this German film, "Wo die alten Walder rauschen". Two boys are involved who wear short and knicker-length lederhosen. The boys wear ankle socks with their lederhosen and jackets as the weather appears a bit chilly. One boy wears a red checkered shirt. The younger boy wears gloves.


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Created: January 26, 2001
Last updated: October 9, 2003