Austrian Religious Ceremomies: Confirmation

Figure 1.--Here two Austrian boys are dressed for their Confirmation services in 2009. They are almost certainly Roman Catholic boys because they carry the traditional candles. Notice that they are dressed in adult looking suits. They are probably 13 years old.

Confirmation is a Christian sacrament recognized by both the Riman Catholic and Lutheran (Reformed) Churches. Austrian children when they are about 13 years old do their Confirmations. Austria is mostkly Catholic. In mosrt countries the most important event for Catholic children in First Communion while Lutherans place more emphasis on Confirmation. Lutherans tend to see age 7-8 years when Catholic children do their First Communion as to toung for any one to make a serious religious commitment. The age of 13 is seen as the approximate age at which a young person is capable of serious thought. Confirmation is not always done at age 13 years, hiwever, this is the most commom age. Confirmation became so important in northern Germany because of the large Lutheran that Catholics began giving it more emphasis. There are not very many Lutherans in Austria, but the country is strongly influenced by trends in Germny. Thus many Catholic childer at age 13 years do confirmations. The number of First Communions and Confirmations is about the same in Austria. We do not knopw much about the actual service. Tradutionally the youths involved receive a new suit or dress. The boys usually wear dark formal suits. Unlike the younger First Communion children, the girls do not wear white junior wedding dresses.


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