*** Grant B. Longcoy

Figure 1.--Grant Longcoy is wearing a Civil War era kepi with the infantry crossed rifles insignia. He has a double-breasted knee pants suit with long stockings. Frances wears a sailor-styled blouse, but without the striped detailing, and skirt, also with long stockings. As Grant looks to be about 4-5 years old, the portrait would have been taken about 1890.

Longcoy, Grant B. (United States, 1890)

This is a portrait of Grant Longcoy and Frances Wells Quintin. It is a large 16" by 20" portrait, not the usual caninet card of the time. The portrait became available in a local estate sale, so the location is known--Portage, Ohio. The back has a written inscription, "Grant Longcoy & Frances Wells Quintin (who lived at Longcoy home a good number of years) She does not want this picture." The dealer spoke to the family and from information gleaned from them we believe the boy to be Grant B. Longcoy, born 1875 in Portage, Ohio. Based on information provided by a reader, we think 1885 is more likely. And there are records of a Grant B. Longcoy born in that year. His parents were Francis B Longcoy (1847–1918) and Hattie A Jones Longcoy (1854–1914). He had two siblings, Johnnie Longcoy who died in infancy (1882) and Joseph Longcoy (1891–98) who, also died verry young. Nothing is known of Ms. Quintin as she was not a family member. We do not know why she was staying with the Longcoy family. Grant is wearing a Civil War-era kepi with the infantry crossed rifles insignia. The kepi was a Civil War-style, but continued to be worn for more than two decades after the War. He has a wing collar, not very common for boys. The portrait was taken in the middle of the Fauntleroy era, but clearly Grant's parents opted for a much more restrained outfit for him. Interesting that a 'prominent' family rejected the contemporary fashionn trends. Also notice the small white bow, not very common at the time. He has a double-breasted knee pants suit with long stockings. Frances wears a sailor-styled blouse, but without the striped detailing. We are not sure if it would have been called a middy blouse. Usually stripes are associated with middy blouses, but it is interesting to see girls wearing sailor styles by 1880. Notice that she is wearing a skirt and not a dress. Frances wears long stockings like Grant. As Grant looks to be about 4-5 years old, the portrait would have been taken about 1890. Longgoy married Edna Lucile Fluke Longcoy (1891–1967) in 1922. A reader writes, "I was interested in the purse which the girl has positioned in her lap. Is it on a long chain round her neck, or attached to her belt or perhaps a loop on her skirt? I do not recall ever seeing such a sensible arrangement. It would not be easy to lose." Given the angle of the chain, it must be attached at the waist. But I am doubt if she had a belt. Our reader writes furter, "Looking again, I think the chain is twisted, and looks to be hanging from her neck. Where I have indicated in red, seems to be the line of the chin running up to her neck, under her blouse. I agree she would probably not have a belt, and hanging round the neck is more likely, but UNDER the blouse is a bit strange." Another reader has provided more information about Grant. "Thank you for your interesting website concerning the topic of historic fashion. I do not know if you still maintain this site, but I stumbled into it today while doing some local history research. Your website included a lovely old photograph of a boy named Grant Longcoy. Grant grew up to become one of my 'retro neighbors' in Lakewood Ohio. He lived on my street for almost 30 years in the mid-20th century. If you are interested in updating your information about Mr. Longcoy, I can tell you that he was born on February 18, 1885. He grew up in a prominent family who lived in Kent, Ohio. (Home of Kent State University.) His family operated a grocery store. I believe the store belonged to Grant's uncle, but Grant Longcoy's father was a farmer and provisioner who likely supplied the store with meat and/or produce. There is a street in Kent named Longcoy Avenue and also an elementary school named Longcoy Elementary. Grant grew up to be a mechanical engineer and draftsman who lived and worked in the Cleveland area. He married a woman from Cleveland in 1922. The photo you include on your website was likely taken in the 1890s. The Longcoy grocery store in Kent shared a building with another tenant who was a photographer named Abel Christensen. This photo may have been taken by Mr. Christensen."


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