The War Against Islam: Muslims Killing Muslims

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By a tremebous order of magnitude most Muslims in the modern world have not been killed by Jews or Christians, but rather fellow Mislims. Rarely do Arab media outlets give attention to these killings even when thousands of Muslims are killed including women and children. Rather than a Christian, Hindu, or Jewish war against Muslims, the vast majority of Muslims being killed in the modern world are being killed by other Muslims in a variety of ethnic, national, political, and religious conflicts. It is understandable that media outlets cover the news when Muslims are killed. What is mnot understandavle is the why the Muslim press does not accurately report the extent of killings by Muslims of fellow Muslims.


The Taliban in Afghanistan dealt very harsly with groups that resisted their authority. Much of thois killing took on an ethnic character. The Taliban was dominated by the Pashtun people of southern Afghanistan. They carried out numerous attrocities against ethnic groups and villages thought to be hostile, in most cases villages of other ethnic groups.


Algeria since 1991 has been engaged in a second brutal civil war. The current war began when the army canceled elections that it looked like Islamic parties might win. Since that time thousands have died in often grusome attacks. Reports vary. Conservative estimates put the death toll at over 60,000. Other estimates exceed 100,000. Most of the killing has been done by Islamic fundamentalists, often targeting secular Muslims. The Army has reacted by engaging in attrocities of their own. The situation now appears to be stabilizing and reports of killings are much reduced. While accounts of the attricities vary widely, one simple fact is claer, the killings are Muslims lilling Muslims.


The number of Iraqis killed by Sadam Hussein are difficult to estimate with any accuracy, but probably approached 0.5 million people including karge numbers of women and children. Amnesty International reports about 170,000 people have simply disappeared during the two decades of Sadam's rule. Other estimates exceed 200,000. To this there has to be the approxinmately 100,000 Kurds Killed in the Amphal campaign. The killings of the Marsh Arabs and the Shi'ites in the South have exceed 100,000 people. The 0.5 million figure does not include the more than 1 million Iraqis and Iranians that perished in the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88). Again the killing here is Muslims killing other Muslims. After the American invasion, Al Qaeda conducted a campaign of terror in which thousands perished. The United States mananaged to defat the al Qaeda insrgeny, but after President Obama ordered a withdrawl from Iraq, a new grup, ISIS eerged which managed to create a quasi-stte in Iraq and Syria which created atricities on a phenomenal scale. Most of the victims were fellow Muslims.


Shiites are the majority form of Islam in most countries, including Pakistan. Fundamentalists in Pakistan in recent years have not just begun to taket Chridtians and forigners, but also Sunnin Muslims and Sunni mosques.


The Khartoum Government is engaged in a genocide against the Dofar people, Black Muslims of the Sudan. There appear to be two elements involved. One is the racial element. The Khartoum Government looks down on the Black Dofars. Two the Dofars do not accept the Struct shihira promoted Law promoted by the Khartoum Government. The numbers of people being killed in military actions by the Khartoum Government is substantial. Even more significant is the efforts by the Khartoum Government to deny U.N. food shipments. Some reports suggest that as of mid-2004 about 30,000 people have been killed. Human rights groups estimate that 0.3-0.5 million may die if Sudan succeeds in preventing relief supplies reaching these beleagered peoples. There is virtually no coverage of this in the Arab press or satellite news like Al Jazeera. Here is not just the Arabs that covering up the genocide. Nor has the United Nations been willing to address this outrage.


Syrian is a closed society. Reliable information is not easy to come by. We do not have an accurate estimate on the number of people killed by the security forces. Some reports hace surfaced. One is massacres in the city of Hama. After an attack by insurgents on authorities in Hama during February 1981, President Hafiz Assad ordered a military assault in which an estimated 30,000 people including women and children were killed. The Syrian military simply bombarded the entire city. Again Muslims killing Muslims.

Other Countries

The above list are only some of the recent instances of Muslims killing Muslims. Other countries such as Iran, Morocco, and Turkey can also be added to this list. Another conflict has been the fighting between Morocco and Polisario in the former Spanish Sahara.


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