The War Against Islam: Muslim War on Christians and Jews

Figure 1.--.

Islamist sources not only perpetrate the lie or in modern parlnce fake news about the war on Islam. Actually what is going on around the world is the war on Christians and Jews by Islamists. Here let me stress that this is being conducted by a relatively small group of Islamist fanatics and clerics, but the number of Muslims who have bought into the war in Islam narative and or willing to tolerate violence as long as it is conducted in the name of Islam is disturbing. The contrast with how Muslims are treated in the West is all too glaring when compared to how Christians and Jews are treated in Muslim countries. Nothing could be more obvious when you compare where Muslims in the troubled Middle East seek safety--they try to reach the West. Notice that there are no Christians and Jews seeking safety in Muslim countries. Yes Islamists go on and on about the War on Islam. And Islamist groups like ISIS even encourage Muslims to migrate to the West so that Europe and america can be attacked within. Or look at Israel's Muslim Palistinian population that live in peace and security enjoying democracy and the rule of law. Compare this to how Muslim countries drove out their Jewish communities and target their Christian communities. The anti Christian camign varies from country to country, but the overall pattern is clear--the supression of religious diversity. Muslim countries have driven out virtually all Jews. Some took the medidval approach of simply baaning all Jews outright. There are Christians in Muslim countries, but the munber is rapidly declining as attacks on Christians increase.


Most Middle eastern countries as late as World War II had substantial Jewish populations. Saudi rabi and Jordanbanned Jews, biut other countries had Jewish populations that dated back to ancient times. The largest populations for hitorical reasons were found in Iran and Morocco. Since that time, each of the countries in the region have driven out ther Jewish communities. The cicumstances varied. In some cases as in Egyot it was a process conducted by the Government. Inother cases it simply became dangerous for Jews to live in those countries. Most Kews had to leave and were not allowed to bring property of any value with them. They fled to America, Europe, and Israel.


There are Christians in Muslim countries, but the munber is rapidly declining as attacks on Christians increase. In some countries like Egypt and Palistine there were substantial Christian communities. These countries except for Iran (Pesia) were Christian befor the Islamic outburst from Arabia. Some of the countries were important centers of the early Church. Palistine of course was the borth place of Judaism and Christianity and has important Muslim sites. Christians in all of these countries are today under assault. And the Chistian portion of the population is declining. In some countries like Iraq and Syria the Chritians are being terrorized. In other countries the pressure is more subtle, but unrelenting. In contrast to the media support for Muslim refugees, there seems to be little or no outrage in the West about this persecution.

Historical bckground

Country trends

For the most part attacks on Christians are acts of personal violebce. Arab governments make effort sof varying degree to protect Chrstians but ae unable to provide needed security. In some cases the Governments are actually involved in the prosecution, especially Iran and Sudan. A good example is Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani who was incarcerated in Iran's notorious Lakan prison for the crime of apostasy and faces a death sentence. He had enraced Christanity as a child. The lit of ourrages is long. Attacks on Christian schools in Nigeria, killing the boys and kidnapping te girls for sexual slavery. Persecurion and nombings in Egypt. Beheading in Somalia.


While persnal attacks are the primary dangerto Christians in the Middle East, Agaru=ia Law provides justification foratual legal procecutions. hristians can be jailed and even executed for apostasy. Christians are imprisoned or building or even reairnf churches.

Media reporting

The Western media rarely reorts attacks on Christians in Muslim countries except for particularly bloody attacks.

Curch support

Churches in the West have embraced many important human rihts campaigns such as civil rights, the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, Soviet Jews and other noble causes. Despite the increasing ferocity of Muslim attacks against Christians, the Church comminity has raised almost no protesti=or interest in the persecution of Christians. It is unclear why church leaders, unlike Muslim clerics, do not stand up for thefaithful abroad. In most cases Americans and Europeans are unaware of the plight of Christans in the MiddleEast. The Westen media is partly resonsible. But Church leadershaveshown o real interest in taking up this terrile violatio of humnan rights. Commonly th issueis simply ignored. It i of course unlikely that Western Governments plagued with a dizzy aray of intractable issues ti take up this camaign if the churches community show no interest in it. The Vatican has occassinaly raisedthe isue, but not accorded it any priority. And many churches have given more priority to Palistinians than Christians. Presbeterians voted to pursue a disvestment camapaign against Jewih communities in the West Bank (2012). [Cohen and Roderick]. They simply ignored the degree to which Palistians have driven out Christians. Israel is in fact the one country in the Middle East that ptovides real security to Christians and religious freedom in general. In this regard Evangekicals in reent years have shown real nterest in Israel, but little to the general poblem of Middle Eastern Christians. .


Cohen, Ben and Keith Roderick. "The religious silence on Christian persecution," Wall Street Journal (July 30, 2012), p. A11.


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