Six Days War: Arab Public Pronouncements

Figure 1.--Press reporting in Arab media became virulent as goverment officials and clerics competed with each other over who could make the most horren+dous statements about Israel and Jews. Here in 1967 a Jew is being hung in effigy in an Arab street, we think in Cairo. A decade earlier, Egyotin mobs could have gotten their hnds in actual Jews, but have deported the Jewish community, that was no longer possible. We are not sure what the signs and banners say.

Arab media broadcasted virulent public pronouncements by Arab officials denouncing Israel with infltory rhetoric and incenderary charges. They made it absolutely clear that their objective was to destroy Israel. Some left unsaid what was to be done with the Jewish population. Others were more frank. These could only be interpreted as preparing their countries for war. The Syrian chief of staff stated, "Our objective is the freeing of Palestine and the liquidation of the Zionist existence." The Iraqi president excliamed, "Our goal is clear--to wipe Israel off the face of the map." Egyptian President Nasser described a "total war ... aimed at Israel's destruction." In other statements he used the term, 'extermination'. That word used in connection with Israel and Jews has obvious connotations. The PLO pledged, "We shall destroy Israel and prepare boats to deport the survivors, if there are any." These and similar statements inspired frenzied mass demonstrations throughout the Arab world. These and similar statements and the public attituides are important. The Arab street was shrieking for blood has had repeately been the case od riots and attacks on Jews. This was no longer possible in the arab world as they had drives Jews out of their countries. Now to get a Jews, they had to attack Israel. there were shocking, bloodcurdling threats of mass extermination for all Israelis, young and old. Arab political and religious leaders leaders competed with each other to see who could utter the most horrendous promise of massacre and slaughter. The historic Muslim Arab cry of countless past pogroms 'Itbah Al-Yahud', an Arabic phrase meaning "Slaughter the Jews," was heard from countless Arab radio and television station as well as newspapers. Also heard was another historic battle cry, 'Khaybar ya Yahod'. This was a 7th century battle cry used by Islam's great prophet, Mohammed and his followers used when attacking the Jewish community in Khaybar. It was chanted by mobs throughout the arab world. Mohammed's surprise attack, ending a 10-year treaty. Later Mohammad attacked the Jewish Bani Quraysh tribe, beheading many of the men and boys and enslaving the women and younger children. While little known to American readers. These events are well known to Arabs. Notably, we do not notice any Arab leader speaking pubically for peace and compromise. Any consideration of the Palestinian-Isreali conflict can get very complicated. Here the obvious observation is that Arab leaders and the Arab public wanted war and a military sollution. There was no peace party among the Arabs, even though Muslims constantly tell us that Islam is a religion of peace. It is also important to note that the Arab armies prepared detailed war plans. These were no plans on how to resist an Isreali attack, but plans on how to attack Israel.


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Created: 8:10 AM 2/29/2016
Last updated: 8:10 AM 2/29/2016