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Figure 1.--This is 1/4 plate dag, signed by Williamson. I believe that the Williamson brothers operated a well-respected studio in Brooklyn, New York. We are not sure just when the studio was opened, but we note their dags dated to the mid-1850s. Thus we are unsure how to date the image here. It was proably taken about 1850, but we can't be more specific at this time. The unidentified boy has ringlet curls. This is one of the earliest portraits we have of boys wearing ringlets.

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September 30

World War II: German evacuations--Margot Condon

Allan Victor Mackenzie (about 1910)

American schools: Columbus Scgool (1911)

U.S. long stocking colors: Brown

September 29

C. Olin Boyden (1852)

Boy tuxedos: Occassions

German African colonial empire

American Eton suits: Blouse styles

American hosiery: 19th century

Headwear conventions

American lace collars: Styles

September 28

American hair styles: Spikey hair

American footwear: Types

American hair styles: Ages

American family (late 1880s)

German personal experiences: 1920s

September 27

American dresses: 1 year olds

American Fauntleroy suits: Jackets

School uniform: Scottish kilts--accompanying garments

September 26

American choristers

U.S. Scouts: 1900s

Italian colonialism: Ethiopia

September 25

America: World War II parades

Hitler Youth charities

Flautina boy

September 24

Film review: Kinder Republik

Hitler Youth: Theo

Hitler Youth: Hiking

British overseas evacuations

September 23

National histories

German soldier photography: Barbarossa
September 22

American knicker suits: Jackets

September 21

Htler Youth album

September 20

Long pants suits: 19th century decade trends

Boys' vests" 19th century chronologu

American brothers (1850s)

Getting dressed: Carl's dickey and trousers

Prodigies: Eugène-Maurice Dengrement (1879)

Unidentified American boy (about 1850)

American Fauntleroy suits: Hats

U.S. Scout week (1940s)

September 19

Tinting process

Hill Street School

Fred Latimer (1862)

September 18

Fred Newcomb (1862)

Au Louvre smocks (1924)

Edward G. Edwards (1840s)

Louis G. Martin (1895)

Girls' clothes: United States

September 17

American suits: Pants

American schools: Penn Schoo (1936)

Biographies: Tom Watson

Szlifersztein family

Biographies: The Gilbriths

Civil War: Federal recruitment of blacks

American kilt suits: Jacket styles

September 16

English suits: Types

Unidentified New England boy (1850s)

Amercan ruffled collar: Accompany clothes

September 15

American family (1850s)

United States: Unidentified Catholic school (1942)

Children's shoes

Ellis Gray Holden (1908)

September 14

Hungarian youth groups

Arpov family

Earl Miller (1870s)

September 13

World War I: Alliance system

World War II naval theaters: The Atlantic

U.S. dresses: Sleeve length

American Eton collars: Skirted garments

American dresses: problem images

American dresses: Seasonality

American dresses: Ages

September 12

Civil War cadets

Eddie Neweel

Joe Meyers (about 1890)

American tunics 1870s--Pants

American tunic suits: The 1890s

September 11

American caps: The 1900s

Indianapolis school parade (1929)

U.S. dancing

Human rights: Iran

September 10

American schools: Western Reserve (1925)

U.S. 1828 presidential election

American black long stockings

U.S. ruffled collars

Ringlet curl decade trends: Late 19th centuty

September 9

Harrison Brothers

American one-piece play suits

German hosiery chronology: The 1960s

Japanese holidays: Boy's Day

German school cone custom

September 8

German Weimar Republic: Specific garments

Eton collars: Country page

U.S. cap styles

September 7

Harold Howes

Photographic portrait tinting accuracy

Photographic portrait tinting

Mexican Mennonites (2000s)

Getting dressed: Carl's underwear (1910s)

September 6

Getting dressed: Carl's underwear (1910s)

Getting dressed: Carl's support garments (1910s)

Japanese traditional clothing

German school caps: Rules

September 5

World War II: German POW country trends

German hiking clubs

German youth oportunities: Organizations

Arian Viring (1941)

September 4

World War II: Barbarossa--Winter preparations

United States: Long pants chronology

Individual American school (1860s)

World War II: Japanese home front

September 3

German long stocking color chronology

World War II; Japanese invasion of China

Aldeau Larkin and Kenneth Boardman (1905)

World War II aviation industries

Cuban Boy Scouts

German hosiery types: The 1930s

September 2

Short pants chronology: 1960s

German Lederhosen: 1960s popularity

Suit jackets: Mid-19th century

Cut-away jackets: Mid-19th century

Sack suit jackets: Mid-19th century

Suit jackets: Mid-19th century

Biographies: James Barry: More information here.

September 1

U.S. suits: 12 year olds

U.S. striped long stockings: Chronology

Ada and Clayton Reitz


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