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Dutch-American family
Figure 1.--This CDV shows a transition from the 1860s to 70s. The white stockings, the blank wall, and the CDV format are all characteristic of the 1860s, but the informality of the pose is more like the 1870s.

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October 31

American 1870s sailor suits: Garments

Etruscan clothing

October 30

American boys: Van Husen boys

Pants: Decoration

October 29

Australian sea cadets

World War II: Liberation of Czechoslovskia

American families: The 1840s

American dresses: Unidentified child

October 28

Canadian stocking supporters

Japanese school headwear: Gender conventionds

October 27

Japanese Cub uniforms

Knee pants: Unidentified images

German families: 1930s Konfirmation

October 26

American vintage daisy garter waist

American hosiery: Conventions

October 25

World War II: Singapore--Ethnic communities

American boy: Freddiec Deveraux (1892)

October 24

World War II: Annual NAZI rallies

Swiss artists: Anker--Historical scenes

Ancient Greece: Clothing--Gender trends

Schoolwear: Long stockings--The 1920s

October 23

Schoolwear: Long stockings--20th century

Hitler Youth activities: Field trips--Special events

October 22

American military-stled jackets: Chronology--The 1850s

World War II: Red Army Cadet Sasha Peter Klypa

Russian film: Fortress Brest--Plot

October 21

World War II films

Russian film reviews: Fortress Brest

Movie reviews: Fm-Fz: More work here

The Holocaust: Yugoslavia

Hitler Youth activities: Military skills and training

October 20

French First Communion: Garments: Religious outfits/a>

Serbia: Belgrade Children's Festival

French schools: Polygone schools

French schools: Unidentified 1953 primary school

October 19

World War II: Tunisia

American catalogs and ads: Brooks Brothers back-to-school outfits (1941)

American catalogs and ads: Brooks Brothers suit jackets (1954)

October 18

American schools: St. Joseph Hill Academy

U.S. First Communions: St Joseph Hill Accademy

U.S. First Communions: Post-World War II era

October 17

American hosiery: Chronology--Thec 1870s

Italian military schools


British Royal Navy: Training ship program--Uniform garments

British Royal Navy: Training ship program--Recreation

British Royal Navy: Training ship--Mercury

October 16

World War II: Marshall Islands invasions

German family: Winter scene

German berets: Chronology--The 1930s

American rompers: Play rompers

School collars: Styles

October 15

British naval training ships: Uniforms

French family: Ferry de la Bellonne Family

American patterns: Button-on blouse outfit

American sailor suits: 1890s--Patterns

October 14

Greek Aegean Islands

British Royal Navy: Training ship era--Supervision

British Royal Navy: Training ship era--Age

American boy: Georgie Truman?

October 13

American sweaters: Chronology--Sweaters

School uiform gender trends: Countries

Cold War: Taiwan--Tachen Islands

British Royal Navy: Boys--Training ship era

Iraqi Christians

October 12

Civil War weaponry

South African first day portraits: 20th century

Belgian schools: Levels

Israeli kibbutz child care: Naturalist approach

German boys: Gero Storre

October 11

German family: World War II

Italian schools: Nuoro

October 10

Holocaust: Riga Ghetto

German Jewish families: Pins family

Italian schools: Cittanova

October 9

German strap shoes: Color

Italian schools: Chronological trends

English Sea Scouts: Cubs

Yemeni schools

Hitler Youth: Membership roles

October 8

French hosiery: Chronology

French First Communion clothes: Hosiery--Inter-War era

French First Communion suits: Suits--Inter-War era

October 7

French leggings use page

Main French school hair styles

French school caps

French hair parts: Sharpness

American economy: The 1950s

Dutch parks: Individual parks

American First Communion: Unidentified Italian immigrant family

German sailor suits: Identical outfits

October 6

French First Communion garments: Boys

French First Communions: Garments

French families: 1920s First Communion

Free market capitalism: Modern assessment

French school garments: Pants

October 5

School shorts: Styles

Fauntleroy hair styles: Long uncurled hair

Ottoman Palestine

American kilt suits: Kilt-Styling

October 4

World War II: German Kinderheim

World War I: Serbia--Belgrade

Western racism: Human zoos

October 3

School pants: 20th century age trends

American military schools: S???? Military Academy

English bowler hats: Chronology

Irish sailor suits

American Griffin children

October 2

German schools: Hallmann village school

American Garnes family

World War II: D-Day--Breakout from Normandy

American kilt suits: Age 5--Age

October 1

American culture: Hippie philosophy

Luxembourg royalty: Prince Jean

Climate change

German identical outfits: Dresses

Suriname slavery

Guinea-Bissau history

Hungarian schools: Chronology


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