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Figure 1.--The state and private schools in England have different orm (grade) systems. The terms have changed over time. These boys are in a private (independnt) preparatory school. They are in the 5th form (11-12 year olds). In America tht would be the 6th grade, the last year of elementary school or in many states a middle school grade. In the English state system, that would now be Year 7, the first year of secondary school. In the old English system that would be the 1st Form, also the beginning of secondary school.

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April 30

World War I: Belgium--German occuption

April 29

World War I: Belgian refugees in France

April 28

Indian economy: British era--Poverty

Indian economy: British era

April 27

Indian economy: The Mughals

April 26

American hat chronology: The 1890s

April 25

Hungarian art

Hungarian art: Miklós Barabás

April 24

English school: Stilton school (1880s)

April 23

Military history: Early Japanese aviation

World War II: CBI theater--Southeast Asia

April 22

American chronology: Early-20th century--Differentiating decades

World War II: Norway--German occupation policies

April 21

American boy: Albert Hawley

German occupation policies

April 20

World War II: Japanese atrocities--Philippines

Israel: Zionism--A Jewish state

April 19

World War I: Aftermath--Country trends

American children: Jesse and Mary Louise Hook

American shortalls

April 18

World War II: Ocean Areas--Arctic Ocean

World War II: Failed neutrality

World war II: Soviet POws--March to the camps

April 17


Egyptian chronology: The 20th century

World War II: Swedish abulance corps in Ethiopia

April 16

World War II: Food--Asia countries

April 15

German family: Unidentified middle-class family

April 14

World war II: Indian Ocean

World War II: Post War food situation--Special programs

African refugees: 20th century

April 13

Americn hair parts: Gender

English skirted garments: Family trends

April 12

World War II: Inter-War military spending--Country trends

English schools: Forms

April 11

French/Polish Holocaust survivor: Charles Karo

World War II refugees: American relief organizations--Busy buddies

American schools: Hoquiam Elementary School

April 10

Child actors: Jackie Coogan--Clothes

Japanese photography: Albumen portraits--Traditional mounts

Latvian families

American political parties: Socialist Party of America

April 9

English royalty: Edward VII's children's clothing--Sailor suits

English pinafores: Age 3 years

Child actors: Baby Peggy

April 8

English school: Rodborough Infant School

World War II: German children in the military--Young boys

April 7

World War II: Soviet occupation of Germany--Land reform

World War II: Japan-- Traditional society

American kepi chronology


April 6

Biafran War

Belgian roylty: Princess Astrid

American adult fashions: The 1910s

April 5

English sailor suits: Ages--5-year olds

English sailor suits: Ages--4-year olds

English sailor suits: Ages--13 year old

April 4

Danish sailor suits: Age trends

Swedish headwear

English sailor suit chronolgy: 1900s--Outfits

April 3

English knee pants suits: Age trends--16 year old

Arab economic development: Oil

April 2

English cut-away jacket trousers: Pants types

World War II: National economies

April 1

Refugees: The Arabs

Boys' suits: Decorations

American schools: Alton school

Bulgarian chronology: The 20th century


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