Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--September 2004

Figure 1.--This is a portrait of an Americn boy. All we lnow about the portrait is that it was taken in Aurora, Indiana. We would guess it was taken in the 1910s, about 1915-19, possiblr 1920, but not much later. Notice the wide white collar and double breasted styling. The relatively short tunic and kneepants suggest to us that the portrait was taken about 1915-20 rather than the turn of the century. Image courtesy of the MD collection.

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September 30

Wards 1926 garter waists

Hong Kong Scouting

Bill's popsture

Posture correcting devives

Hong Kong soccer

School uniforms: India

Wards garter waists, 1941-42

September 29

School uniform: Country hosiery trends

Japanese school hosiery types

German resistance

Battle of the Bulge


September 28

Canadinan family: 1910s

Playing along the Thames

Thick ringlets

September 27

Film review: The Basttle of Britain

Ringlet curls: Summetry

Minnesota Kinnting underwear, 1930s

September 26

Pattern company: Burda

French ethnic diversity

American First Communion

Kneepants: Age

German family

German family

Cross suspender pants

Sailor suits and ringlet curls

September 25

Sardinian family: 1914

Sardinian family: 1920

Dog of Flanders: Costuming

Coorinated family hair styling

Toy prop indicators

September 24

Child actor: David Ladd


Battle of Britain: Importance

President Grant

September 23

Film review: Adam Had Four Sons

Eton collar appearances

Grant Fahvenbach

Daniel Winn Porr

American uniforms

World War I neutrality

French hair styles

September 22

Oliva School

German Jewish boy

Film review: The boy from Stalingrad

Film review: Star Kid

Movies I

Film review: Beau Geste

September 21

Film review: On Moonlight Bay

Pantalettes: Chronology

Pahntalettes chronology: The 1830s

Girls sailor suits: The 1930s

English families

Unidentified English artists

U.S. 1940 catalogs: More work here.

September 20

Waists/Waist suits

Artisdt: Paul Weber

Hitler Youth uniform garments

Movie review: Stand by Me

Waist suits

Long stockings

September 19

American hosiery page

English teddies: More work here

The Berlin Wall: More work here

Religion: More work here


Sears sweaters--1902

September 18

Summer waists

Polish school garments--Communist era

Hitler Youth triangular patch script

German educational philosophy: Imperial Germany

September 17

NAZI-occupied Poland

World War I: German homefront

September 16

Lberty Bodice

Ward's catalog: 1955 playwear

Moview review: Den Bästa Sommaren

German kneepants

Eton collars: Types of neckwear

Swedish schoolwear: Climate

September 15

Swedish school chronology

Swedish schools

Unknown shirt style

Collecting conkers: World War I

Allied air superority

Swedish sailor suits

Main Swedish pahe

H-bar pants: Country trends

Eton collars: Chronolgical trends

September 14

Suit trousers: More work here

Winter caps

American sailor suits: Inter-War styles

Sailorsuit fashion influences

Argentine First Communion suit

Uniformed German boy--1880s

German teddybears

Easter postcards

Tumwater School

Ukranian girls' school uniform

Russian girls school uniform: More work here

September 13

Girls school uniform: Modern Russia

Suspender Pants

German inter-war years: sailor caps

German inter-war years: Sailor garments

American romper designs

Straw hats

September 12

Teddy bears: More work here.

Kirkmichael school

English hair styles: Age

Postcards: Child models

American military schools--World War I era

Dating old postcards: More work here.

Bilambil School

German parks

American tunics

September 11

Wandervogel camping and hiking

Wandervogel uniforms

Lucien Bonaparte

September 10

Maurice Pollock: More information here.

Hockey uniforms

Unidentified English boy, 1851

American artist: P.H. Keely

Danish artist: Heinrich Knudsen

Boys suits in the 1860s

September 9

Canadian family: 1942

Canadian berets

Austrian sailorsuit chronology

Austrian sailorsuits : More work here

Heawear types

United Arab Emirates

Austrian artist: Tony Bender

Martial arts

Prince Rupprecht's Chikldren--Clothing<./a>

Duke Philipp of Wurtremberg

September 8

Uzbek dance

Ethnic/national dance: More work here

Butch Jenkins

Algerian colonial era

September 7

Beslan memorial

Movie review: Merry Andrew

Smirnov family

Alexander III: More work here.

September 6

Hans Adam II

The Ruricks: More work here

Movies: Notable dance scenes

Movie review: Pennies from Heaven

Indian school uniform

September 5

Russian artist: Pavel Fedotov

Triange Waist Factory Fire: More work here.

Greenbriar School, 1913

American schools in the 1910s

East View School, 1911

September 4

English bicycles

School uniform: North Korea

September 3

Working on a new E-book

September 2

American choldren's literature: Chronology

World War II age of German soldiers

Belgian royalty: King Leopold's second family

Belgian royalty: Albert I's childrens's dresses

September 1

Luxemburg royals: Children's clothes--the boys

Belgian royals: Albert II's children

Luxemburg royals: Children's clothes

Luxemburg royals: Grand Duke Jojn's children

Czech schools

Japanese Scouting

German schools: Activities

The Dutch (1944-45)

World War II campaigns in Europe

American school chronology

American private schools: More work here


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