German School Activities: Country Outings--Groups

Figure 1.--Here we see a school group on Wandertag (Hiking Day) in June 1932. This appears to be obviously a class group, presumably a rural mixed gender school. The children look to be about 10 years old. We would gess that they are in the fourth and last year of Volksuche. Notice all the school caps. One boy wears a sailor cap rather than a school cap.

We see a variety of school groups on outings into the country. The groups vary a good deal. Sometimes they appear to be class groups because of the fact that the children are the same age. Sometimes they are mixed gender groups and some times there are single gender groups. This depended on the school. The Germans had Wandertag. This was a special day at school in which the children go hiking. We are not sure just how this worked. We note modern refererences to Wandertag (Hiking Day). We are not sure just how this worked. We do not know if Wandertag was just one day a year or if there were more than one day each year. The different classes seemed to have all taken off in different directions as the photographs taken show different class groups in solated settings. Of course given the different ages, the children wouyld have had varied phyical capabilities. Nor do we know if it was the same day throughout the country. We also note school groups on outings that do not seem to be Wandertags. Here we note different groups. There were groups of different sizes and ages. And as sometimes there are different age children present, we suspect that they may not be class groups, although often the children look to be largely the same age. One possibility may be a class field trip. We are not entirely sure to differentiate hikes from field trips with more narrow educational purposes. We are not entirely sure when these outings occurred, after school, during the school day, or on weekends. Perhaps it was all three.


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