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February 28

Indian schools: Attendance

English sailor suits: Edwardian era

English schools: National and Bluecoat School, Hallgate

England: Edwardian fashions

England: Early 20th century--More work here

Plays: Babes in the Woods

Shinto clothing

Llyod Flint

Polish family, 1966

Polish family, 1953

Polish activities: Religion

February 27

Poland: Activities

Fauntleroy look: Other suit

Polish boys clothes: More work here

Indian school activities

Indian parks

Unidentified American children, 1880s

Ordinary individuals, 1880s

Russian history

February 26


Artists: William Merritt Chase

Illustrators: Graham Rust

Fautleroy text: Kilts

Fautleroy text: Curls

Fauntleroy editions, 1993

English schools: Leigh Grammar School

Italian emigration: Destination

Lacashire Towns: Wigan

February 25

Long stockings: Bright colors

England: Cart boys

English bikes

English headlines

Daniel Crommelin Verplanck, 1771

Thomas Aston Coffin, 1759

February 24

English paper boys

Sports: Aikido

Italian emigration: Europe

Indian schools: Kerala

Fauntleroy look: Collar and wrist trim

February 23

How Green Was My Valley

Media formats

Berlin boy, 1895

February 22

New York family, 1860s

U.S. 18th century families

Boys' hair styles: Chronologies

Union suits: Swimming

February 21

Emerson Albian Smith

English violinist, 1914

Ordinary bios, 1910s

February 20

American children, 1900s

February 19

19th century dresses

Unidentified child, 1850s

February 18

Unidentified child, 1840s?

Indian Parsis

Hair styles: Age trends

Henry S. O'Vane, 1865

February 17

Indian religions

Indian Jews

February 16

Indian annimism

Indian Buddhism

February 15

American hair cuts: Length

American children, late 1840s

February 14

U.S.: Parks

U.S. Navy: World War I

Long white stockings: 19th century

Panatalettes: America

New York City children, 1840s

February 13

E.F. Holmes

U.S. retail stores

Uzbeck schools

Decorative protective cases

February 12

American garments: Long pants

Collar buttoning jackets

Wallis brothers, 1852

U.S. work areas: Performances

Uzbek Jews

German gymnastics

February 11


Colorized ambro boy

Red Bavaria

Weimar Republic

African tribes

February 10

End of the Nattle of Britain

Hitler Youth activities

English sailor suits: Styling

South African youth movement

Ethiopian youth movement

Februry 9

English tunics: Styles

German sailor suit pants: Types

Camping, 1926

Spanish Civil War: Competing forces

February 8

Cut-away jackets: Accompanying clothes

Latvian youth movement

Hosiery weaves: Types

February 7

Czech children, 1935

February 6

American family, 1850s

Sorb customs

German sailor suits: Knickers

February 5

Country sailor suits

Russian religion

Indian Islam

Cut-away jacket: Construction

February 4

Indian Jainism

Minnie Tamn

Cabinent cards: Scalloped edges

First Communion, unknown boy about 1905

Main American collar page

Main Middle-East page

February 3

Lauerel elastic, 1921

France: Bicycles and conveyances

February 2

Unidentified American family, 1850s

a href="/chron/me/islam/is-clo.html">Islamic clothing

Cuban school levels

February 1

Japanese schools: Public transit

Indian school shirts

Rwanda schools

Indian Sikhism

Indian Christianity: Clothes

Foreign Scouts


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