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Figure 1.-- The second painting was done about 1825 after Napoleon's fall from power. The artist was Michel Ghislain Stapleaux. He has painted the children of Jérôme Bonaparte, younger brother of the Emperor.

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October 31

American Hickory garters

South African Choirs: Laerskool Eversdal

German Depression: Weimar policies

German school lunches

South African boy: Anthony Hall (1940s)

Scottish sailor suits

German families: Prosperous family (1893)

October 30

American roller skates

Tunics: Accompanying clothing--Headwear

October 29

American knee pants suits: Age trends

American suit pants: Types

School uniform chronologies: Country trends

German Zucartuten: The 1960s

American knickers: Hosiery--The 1910s

October 28

American fishing

Soviet fashion magazines: Hosiery

Soviet fashion magazines: Pants

Soviet fashion magazines: 1940s

American boy: Keith Birkin

October 27

American knee oants: Ages--11 year olds

Barefoot experiences

American Norfolk suits: Shirts and collars

Russian fashion magazine: 1938-39

October 26

American slave trade (1850s)

School hosiery: 20th century

Popes: John Paul II

German economic history

October 25

Bulgarian families

World War II: Motorcycles

American vintage clothing: Red wool swimsuit

Brazilian slavery: Economic sectors

American play activities: Cowboys and Indians

October 24

Brazilian slavery

German hair styles: The 1930s

Shortened pants suits

American long stockings color chronology: The 1920s--Gender trends

October 23

American long stockings: Age trends--17 year olds

American presidents: Kennedy children

Surinamese history

English boy: David's sixth birthday

English boy: David's clothing

English boy: David off to School

October 22

American boy: Joseph Bittle

English boy--David (1953-55)

Flat caps: Accompanying clothing

Indian schools: Chettinad Vidyashram

German tricycles

Dutch families: Leferink Family

October 21

Dutch families: Veldcamps

Swiss tan stockings: The 1940s

October 20

World War II: Luftwaffe organization

American boys: Robbie McGregor and Everett Tallmadge

Canadian sports: Individual sports

German school hosiery: Long stockings

German school hosiery

October 19

American Boy Scouts: Activities--First Aid

Scottish suits

German long stockings: Seasonality--Chronology

Tan long stockings: The 1940s

October 18

German jackets: Styles

American ringlet curks: Front parts

World War II: Singapore

Dutch boy: Frans Leferink--Boyhood clothing

Dutch boy: Frans Leferink--Childhood

October 17

German schools: Häslach Volksschule

French royalty: Jerome Bonaparte

Italian Balilla summer camp uniforms

Italian Balilla summer camp

Italian summer camps: Sponsoring organizations

Long stockings: Colors--Neutral shades

Dutch boy: Frans Leferink

October 16

American boys: Mezzanatto brothers

Soviet Stalinist-era schools: Levels

American flat-top hair cuts: Styles

American boys: Long brothers (1923)

October 15

Italian summer camps: Mount Ortobene

Serbian artist: Paja Jovanovic

English girls school uniform: Comprehensive school

Italian outings: Naples beaches

October 14

American demographics: The 1890s

English Fauntleroy suits: Chronology

German tan long stockings: The 1950s

American individual schools: Banker schools

Taiwan schools

October 13

Vintage clothing: Long stockings

Isreli-Arab conflict: Violence

European tan long stockings: The 1950s

October 12

American children: Woodcock siblings

Irish kilts: Regional trends

Burmese schools: St. Paul Catholic School

American documentaries: The Magnetic Tide (1950)

American knee pants: Age trends--12 year olds

October 11

American family: The Gilliams (1942)

American Oliver Twist suits: Age trends

European tan long stockings: The 1940s

World War II: Land warfare tactics

Unknown American artist: Studio water color (1859)

October 10

European tan long stockings: The 1930s

German tan stockings: 1940s.

Cyprus schools: Algantzia primary school

Greek schools: Mylopotamos Village School

World War II: Crete

October 9

Greek family: Priest family (1903)

Greek regions: Ionian Islands: Zakynthos

October 8

American shirtwaists: Construction

German long stockings: Brown/tan shades

American families: Cook family (1890)

Czech schools: Pasklov Village school

Australian footwear

Cold War: Greek Civil War--Evacuation and refugees

World War II: German KLV evacuations-- Getting home

Long stockings: Tan chronology--The 1930s

Long stockings: Tan chronology--20th century decade trends

October 7

German tan long stockings: The 1930s

American knee socks: The 1950s

American suit pants chronology: 20th century: More work here.

American brown long stockings: Chronology

American brown long stockings: Conveted image

German tan long stockings chronology: 20th century

German tan long stockings: Chronology

October 6

Angolan history: Bantu kingdoms

German photographers: Herbert List

Uninidentified Germany family (1860s)

Sailor suits: Types of uniforms

October 5

Angolan history

American Norfolk suits: The 1890s

African tribes: Mangbetu

October 4

Italian Palermo family

American long stockings: Age trends

World War II: British food policies

Photography: Cabinet cards

Canadian Scout 1940s history: Organization

October 3

Italian families: Mailone family

World War II English evacuees: Alan--English school uniform

Photographic protective cases

American collar-buttoning jackets: Chronology

American boy: Francis Holmes Mayhew

Colombian youth groups

October 2

Danish Christmas

Italian family: Borrello family

American diplomacy: Washington Naval Conference (1921)

English boy: Alexander Morris

American boys: Charles Shumaker and John Henry Hodges

Argentine Jews

Italy: Large family

October 1

Italy: Unidentified poor family


Paraguay: Religion

World War II: Germany--Denazification

World War II: Battle of Britain--RAF retalitory raid on Berlin

England: Play--Age trends


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