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Figure 1.--This CDV portrait shows an unidentified boy wearing a cut-away jacket kilt suit. He looks to be about 5-years old. Notice the elegant plain styling and pleared kilt-skirt. Botice that the jacket has pointed ratrher than rounded sides at the bottom. The boy has a large Peter Pan collar and small floppy bow. Notice the cap at the right. The portrait is undated, but the the mount style and out fir suggests it was taken about 1880. The studio was Osborn, but the city was not indicated.

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July 31

World War II Blitz: Insurance scheme

July 30

German tams: Chronology

English bowler hats

World War II: British code breaking

NAZI publications: Jungen: Eure Welt Vol. I

July 29

American schools: Gordon Elementary School

French royalty: Prince Imperial--Dresses

World War II: Pacifism

New Zealand: Holidays--Halloween

July 28

New Zealand schools: The Haka

School uniform: Sweaters--Chronology

World War II: Italy--Building the Gothic Line

French royalty: Louis Napoleon--Clothing

July 27

Romanian royalty: Prince Nicholas

School garments: Pants--20th century

Old photograph gender trends: Sitting postures--Crossed leg poses

American family: Segrum family

July 26

American boy: C.H. Savage

Gender trends: Posture

Mexican Revolution: Carranza seizes control

July 25

American Depression: Popular liberal narative

American Depression: Defense of the New Deal


World War II: British pacifism

Italian headwear types

Child labor: Europe

July 24

American kilt suits: Cut-away jackets

American altar boy chronology: The 20th century

July 23

American youth group: Boys' Brigade

British airistocracy: Rauf Mansel

Austrian royalty: Archduke Franz Karl

July 22

American boy: Freddie Miller Shelton

July 21

English button-on shorts

American vintage piqué short pants

American film reviews: Moana

French fashion magazines: Suspender shorts (1922)

July 20

English bios: Lord Randolph Churchill

World War II: Britain alone

African clothing

July 19

Egyptian youth groups: Jewish groups

Egyptian youth groups

Youth groups: Middle East and North Africa

Taiwan economy

July 18

English boy: J. Harley Bainbrigge

World War II: Phoney War--Civil Defense

July 17

American Christmas (1950s)

Indian begger family

World War II: Fear of poison gas

July 16

American boy: Dan Becoter

American sailor suits: Short pants

English boy: Ernest Barlett

American sailor suits: Knee pants

World War II: German V-1 campaign: Usage

German tights: 21st century

July 15

American boy: Martin Murphy

American sailor suits: Long pants--Variations

American individuals: Peoria boy (1948)

July 14

History: Origins

French rompers: Age 4 years

English tunics: Trousers

July 13

Ancient Egyptian children: Play activities

Ancient Egypt: Clothing conventions

Zulu economy

July 12

Benin: French colonial history

President Roosevelt: Watching the children grow up

Egyptian pharoahs: Hatshepsut

July 11

German boy choirs: Berlin Cathedral Boys' Choir

German sports: Specific sports

July 10

English suit jackets: Non-Eton jackets worn with Eton collars

American Vice-President Charles Curtis

English birthday parties

American floppy bows: Popularity

English parties

July 9

American toys: Educational sets

Italian child labor: Work areas

American boy: William Wesley Blaisdell

French dresses: Specific styles

July 8

French fashion plates: Sailor dress (1897)

French fashion plates: Sailor-styled tunics (1920)

Swedish folk costumes

Dutch long stockings: Colors

July 7

Russian Kindergateneners; Learning life skills

American advertisements: Kleinert's waterproof baby pants (1914)

Chinese Civil War: The Long March

American Catholic shrines

July 6

Cold War: Korea

World War II: Early moderate NAZI diplomacu

Argentine school chronologies: Decade trends

July 5

Soviet Young Pioneers: Garments--Hosiery

German Volksschule: Weissensee

Russian film reviews: My Peristroika

World War II: Air tactics

Chinese Civil War: KMT: Communist split

July 4

American film: Slide, Kelly, Slide

American school garments: Pants--Knickers

American kilt suits: Inter-changeable jackets

German berets: Popularity

Boy choirs: Boy sopranops

July 3

Estonian families

American todler clothes

German Depression: Initial impact

American suits: Headwear alternatives

July 2

Dutch photography

Amreican dressy rompers

World War II: Barbarossa--German cold weather prioblems

O movies

July 1

World War II: Japanese industrial mobilization

Americn dresses: The 1870s


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