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Figure 1.-- We notice a cabinet portrait of Carl Peirce posed with his violin. The writing of his last name is a little indestinct. The studio is Busby, Mcurdy, and Fritz, an interesting ethnic mix. The studio was located in Boston. Along with the boy's name, we know that he was 8 years old. We are not sure just when it was photogrphed, but it looks like the 1880s. Carl wears a collar-buttoning velvet jacket with two rows of metal buttins. It kooks like it was a dark colar, but not black. He wears the suit with an elaborate pin-on lace collar and matching wrist trim. Along with the lace collar, Carl has a rather small collar bow.

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November 30

American films: Escape from Sobibor

French royalty: Prince Imperial--National costumes

American films: Schlinder's ListFilm revies: Sa-Sd films

Holocaust movies

November 29

Belgian chronology: Post-World War II period

English child star: Thomas Sangster

November 28

Soviet films: Volcano

French World War II movies

November 27

Movie reviews: Fm-Fz films More work here.

French films: Forbidden Games

American boy: Tommy Purcell

November 26

World War II: Artillery

November 25

World War II: Ship types

Sri Lanka ethnicity: The Rodya

Canadian immigration: The Scotts

Novemnber 24

World War II: Wheeled motor vehicles

World War II: Swedish neutrality

November 23

American skirted Fauntleroy outfits

English chronology: 17th century

Cold War: Latin American country trends

El Salvador: History

November 22

Japanese school uniforms: Book bags--Types

French provinces: Brittany

November 21

German family activities: Tourism and vacations

American schoolwear: The 1920s

November 20

Sri Lanka: Traditional clothing

Renaissance: Modern celebrations

World War I: Signals and intelligence

Viking clothing

November 19

Canadian hosiert: Tights

German history: Ancient Germans

French school: Unidentified 1880s school

German chronologies: 17th century

November 18

American boy: Carl Peirce

November 17

American tunics: 5 year old chronology

English tunics: Ages

November 16

World War II: Soviet evcuations

American collar-buttoningg jacket: Accompanying clothing

November 15

American long stockings: Gender trends

English workhouses: Crumpshall

November 14

Russian families: Mining family (about 1950)

November 13

Soviet collective farms: Schools

Ireland: Economy

World War II: NAZI Abschluss--Reaction to the Wehrmacht

November 12

American slavery: African origins

American schools: the Prague School

November 11

German First Communions: 1940 group

American elections: Presidential election of 1900

November 9

World War II: NAZI concentration camps: Nordhausen

World War II: Kreigsmarine

November 8

World War II: Air doctrine

World War II: Hitler Youth--Aufraeumungsarbeit

Ukranian mennoites

Military styles

November 7

German chronology: 1940s--post-War

German family: World War II

The Cold War: The United States

South African schools: Girls

November 6

American boy: Raymond J.S. Webb

World War II: NAZI occupied East--Administrative structure

November 5

English seaside resorts: St. Ives

Pants decoration: Types

American ringlet curls: Styling--Back views

November 4

World War II: Central Pacific Campaign

Indian families: Unidentified 1940s family

November 3

American boy: Bert Cross

Ammerican sewing patterns: Suits

American catalogs/advertisements: Undated 1950s items

American immegration: The Scotts-Irish

November 2

Cambodian history: Kymer Rouge

American presidential elections: 1952

November 1

Depression: New Deal WPA programs

Etruscan clothing


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