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Some HBC readers tell us that they would like to be able to access new pages, but do not want to receive E-mails on every new page added to HBC. We have also for several years now experienced problems dealing with AOL. Thus we have created this page for HBC readers. We will list new pages or existing pages to which we have added additional information. We used to maintain a page like this. We know from this experience that we sometimes forget to add a new page, but we will try to remember to do this as much as possible. There will not be a link on our home page so you will want to add this to your favorites/book marks. We plan to only make this page available to readers who support HBC. There may be occasional changes in the URL. Just let me know if you have any question about this new HBC feature.

December 31

World War II: Trucks

World War II: Btitish evacuations--Children's homes

December 30

American suit jackets: Fancy half-sleeve jackets

Yemen: Modern history

American siblings: The Foltz children

American filns: Rasputin and the Emperess

December 28

American films: Ambassador Bill

Gabon history

World War II: UNRRA--Jewish refugees

December 27

English dresses: Identifying gender

World War II--British beaches--Fall of France

December 26

American school chronology: The 1860s

Native Americans: The Yagua

Native Americans: The Shusr/Jibaro

December 25

American boy: E. McKenzie

World War II: Tank types

December 24

Haiti: Christmas

Native Amerucan tribes: The Kayapano

December 23

Algerian history: Independent republic

Korean War: U.N. drives north

December 22

Englih movies: Prelude to fame

Romanian families

December 21

American girl garments: Tunics

American sailor tunics: Chronology

December 20

American Native Americans: Hopi history

World War II: British evacuations

Presidential kids: The Kennedy children

Latin America: Regional wars

December 19

World War II: British beaches

World War II: Allied civilian evacuations

World War II: Phoney War

December 18

World War II: BEF rushes northeast to aid the Belgians and Dutch

Asian royalty: Sikkim

December 17

Soviet children's books: The Singer's Friends

December 16

Soviet children's literature: Non-fiction books

Russian tights: Weave

Hindu temples

Socialism and politics

American girls: Chronology

December 15

Romanian Scouts

Latvian hosiery

German schools: Lessing Gymnasium

December 14

World War II: Infantry small arms

World War II ship types: Cargo vessels

Canadian mennonites

December 13

American Revolutionary War: Military campigns

America Revolutionary War: Battle of Yorktown

Ecuadorean schools: Marish Bothers School--Catachocha

American kilts suits: Bottoms

December 12

Saudi activities

Burundi history

Burundi schools

December 10

World War II: Race--Germany

English knicker suits: Age trends

American families: Chronology

December 9

World War II: Austrian Anchluss attacks on Jews

Dutch Holocaust: Anti-Jewish measures

December 8

World War II: Defense of Australia

Croation school garments

Croation school chronology

December 7

World War II: Wehrmacht standing orders

Swiss First Communion: Chronology

Austrian schools: Eindigsteig town school

The Koran: Self defense

World War II: Weapons of mass destruction

December 6

World War II: Grman war photography

World War II: Soviet attrocities--Katyn Forest

December 5

Chapman family

World War II: Hitler Decides on War

American patterns: Shirts and pants (1950s)

Hungarian artist: Béla Kontuly

Belgiuan artist: Gustave Van de Woestyne

Russian film: Life in Thy Hands

December 4

English skinheads

World War II: The Reichswehr

American families: Van Burghs (1880s)

English tunics: Chronology--The 1860s

World War II: Lithuanian loss of Vilinus and Memel

December 3

Holocaust: Kindertransport--Life in Britain

Spanish Civil War: Refugee flood

World War II: German remilitarization of the Rhineland

December 2

World War II: African Theater--Western Desert

French royalty: Prince Imperial's Scottish Highland outfit

French royalty: Prince Imperial's Mexican Charo outfit

December 1

French film: The Round Up

Pants decoration: Chronology

German Bavarian jackets

Uruguayan First Communion


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