Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--July 2004

Figure 1.-- This Belgian Cub Scout had his portriat taken in 1954. We are not sure, however, to which association he belonged. Notice the cord shorts.

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July 31

English youth soccer teams

The World Cup

American Cub uniform garments

Child actor: Joey Lawrence


Rugby: Country trends

Street photography

July 30

Field hockey

Ice hockey: Country trends

Toys: Marklin sets

Movie review: On Borrowed Time

July 29

Ra Hould's clothing

English Cubbing: The 1980s

English family: 1830s

English boy dresses--1830s

English dresses: Individual boys

Cricket clothing

School uniform: Basketball in South Africa

German soccer uniforms: Chronology

July 28

School uniform: South African school hosiery

Movie review: The Long Day Closes

Australian Scout gang shows

School uniform: South African blazers

School uniform: Singapore styles

Gymnastics: Country trends

Danish artist: Aigens

July 27


School uniform: School types

Czech Hiking Clubs

July 26

Greenock Academy: More work here

Belgian royalty: Albert II: More work here.

Movie review: Leaving of Liverpool

German soccer clubs

Irish dancing: Set/celi controversy

Juky 25

German sports

Scottish academies

School uniform: Morrison's Academy

VNJ Activities

Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia: Other countries

Bill's PE experiences

English Scouting activities page

July 24

Rugby uniforms

Tajikistan First Music School

English Scouting: Hiking

English soccer uniforms

German annexation of the Sudetenland

July 23

Munich Conference

Lincoln Cathedral girl choir

Danish artist: J.L. Lund

Child actors: Martin Spellman

July 22

World War II: Age of soldiers

Peruvian artist

Suit vests

Hongb Kong Scout games

Asian Scouting

Soccer in America

U.S. Scouting: Uniform policies

Greco-Turkish War

School uniform: Corduroy jackets

July 21

School uniform: Headwear

Irish hedge schools

Belfast mural art

Pinafores: Country page

German soccer

Ireland: 19th century

Irish sartist

Bills London mmories: Corduroy garments

Bill's London memories: Scouts

July 20

Ukranian famine

Breaching process: More work here.

Fianna banner


School uniform: Individual English school

School uniform: English cord garments

Russian Civil War

Weddings: Country Trends

July 19

Outdoor activities: Conveyances

July 18

Belgian Scouting chronology

Belgian Scouting levels

Na Fianna Éireann: Images and links added.

Ireland: 20th century background

School uniform: Ireland: More work here.

July 17

July 16

School uniform: English cap colors

School uniform: Prep school ages

School uniform: Traveling to school

Cord wales: More work here.

Corduroy shorts: Winter freeze

Na Fianna Éireann

July 15

School uniform: English material

Irish youth groupsMore work here.

School uniform: Mexico

American suits

School orchestras: Country trends

July 14

English Boy's Brigade activities

Recreations: British World War II evacuations

English Boy's Brigade: Chronology

Schopl uniform: The 1940s

English canals

Pattern companies

July 13

The Weimar Republic

German youth groups--MJV

German family (1905)

German hair bow styles

July 12

Chronology: The 21st century

Televusion: "T" listings: More work here.

July 11

School uniform: Farnworth Grammar School

Honk Kong Cub activities

July 10

Australian TV: More work here.

Historical plays: More work here.

Another conker story

Hair styles: Bangs--Ears

The 1930s: More work here

Dutch minorities

The Middle East

July 9

Scottish biography: Geoffrey Keen

School uniform: Dutch schools in the 1950s

School uniform: English schoo trips

Schooi uniform: English school garments in the 2000s

Dutch Jews

July 8

School uniform: English school garments in the 21st century

St Woolos Choir

French dress styles

Fauntleroy lace collar garments

Choir glossary

July 7

Jesus College Chapel choir

English university choirs

School Uniform: English school garments in the 1970s

School uniform: Spanish schools--religion

School uniform: Spanish chronology

July 6

School uniform: Argentine gender trends

School uniform: Argentine school smock chronology

School uniform: French school smocks

Goya: Victor Guye

Blouses: Types

July 5

Civil Rights Movement: More work here

German glossary: More work here.

School uniform: Zimbabwe

Music recitals

American Scout camp chronology

American Scout camp uniforms

July 4

Specific sports

July 3

U.S. clothes in the 1860s: Garments: More work here

Amish hair cuts

Art Cockerill at the Duke of York's School

Duke of York's Royal Military School

British army military schools

July 2

School uniform: English school garments: More work here

Japanese family

School uniform: Individual Austrsalian schools: More work here

School uniform: RAAF School

Otto Versand tights

July 1

German schools: Foreign experiences

American exchange students in Germany

Artist: A. Pitrueulli

Artist: T. Weller

Artist: C.S. Werner


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