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German boy scouts
Figure 1.--Here we see some German Scouts in the 1960s. They look like Cubs. We are not sure which of the many associatiions they reptresent.

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August 31

Italian Lederhosen

Amish girls clothes

Polish choirs: Canctus

Polish First Communion

English personal experiences (1916)

Tsarevich Alexei: Revolution

August 30

Amish boys clothes

Polish choir history

Hans Penndorf (1929)

World War I: POWs

August 29

World War II: Germany RAD 1944

U.S. Scout uniform: Early shirt-jackets

Polish choirs: Szczecin Nightengales

Dress trends: Late 19th century

Hair part chronology

Charley Rosewater

Unidentified American boy (1850s)

August 28

Unidentified Indian primary school

Artists: William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Unidentified Prague school (1931)

English schools: Blazer colors

Welsh schools: Llanwnog School

August 27

World War II: British children

German Norfolk suits: Conventions

Unidentified American family (1850s)

Unidentified American family (1850s)

August 26

Individual English schools: 19th century

Polisg choirs: Pueri Consonantes

1940s commercial advertising

Fairy trikes

August 25

English boy and siter (1916)

American Boy Scouts: Pants

August 24

U.S. long pants: Chronology

C. Stewart (1865)

World War II: German board games

U.S. long stockings: Patterns

U.S. Schools: North Plainfield School (1898)

The Holocaust: Latvia

August 23

NAZI Rearmament

Turkish circumscion

Knickrs hem bnd

World War II: German toys

Specific boys' hair styles

Boys in the Church

Youth Group sponsorship

August 22

United States: Ages

Rain gear

Alex Kurzem: NAZI mascot

August 21World War II: German games

August 20

Kilt suits and jacketed dresses

German long stockings ages

Push carts

School of American Ballet

Lederhosen: Accompanying clothing

German long stockings: Color shades

August 19

Short pants suits: Ages

Short pants suits: Styles

Hitler Youth headwear

German long stockings: 15 year olds

Photographic cases: Formats

August 18

Strap shoes: Double straps

Strap shoes: Number of straps

Sears sailor outfit (1914)

German button long stockings-- Waschknopfen

Saddle shoe meories

August 17

German wedding chronologies

English toys

World War I: Home front--United States

August 16

World War I: Britain's Woman's Land Army

Eton School: Installation ceremony

Unidentified American boy: 1840s

Getting dressed project: Tom's underwear (1910s)

School suits

School neckwear

Unidentified Amerian school (about 1900)

August 14

World War I: Causes

World War II: German home front--1944

World Socialist movement

Jewish diaspra: Morocco

August 13

Vintage tunic suit

Vintage garments

Iranian Jews

German primary school (1931)

Suspenders: 1920s

August 12

Hitler Youth: Chronology--Third Reich

Geman Young Pioneers

Swiss suspenders

German sailor headwear: Gender trends

Paul J. Perkins (1922)

Button-on clothing: 1860s

August 11

Suspender types

Knickers hem closures

Estimating ages: Family trends

Getting Dressed Project: John's knickers (1910s)

Getting Dressed Project: John's collar (1910s)

German trouser suspension: 20th century chronology styling

German trouser suspension: Button-on styling

American headwear: 1890s

Catalogs: Eaton's double breasted suts (1934-35)

August 10

German trouser suspension: Chronology

Catalogs: Eaton's double breasted suts (1939-40)

Catalogs: Eaton's knee pants suit (1906)

Suspender chronology: 20th century

German Scouts: Organization

Suspenders: Country trends

American pants: Suspension

August 9

American pants: Suspension methods

Catalogs: Canadian garter waists (1965)

Arthur and Julia Randall

U.S. bloomer knickers

Presidential elections: 1932

Bodice skirt

Bodice Highland kilts

August 8

American collars: Styles

American collars: Chronological trends

American collar styles: Lace collars

School uniform regulations: Rules

Larry Allen

August 7

American tunic suit: Utility

World War II: Sierra Leone

United States long pants: Ages

Canadian Fauntleroy suits: Garments

August 6

Breeching boys: Actual ges

Breeching ages: 3 year olds

Breeching ages: 6 year olds

World War II displaced children: Country trends

American dresses: 19th century

Ambro chronology

August 5

The Holocaust: Morocco

August 4

President Roosevelt: Mother

Moroccan rompers

S. Russel

U.S. dresses: Siblings--brothers and sisters

Soviet children's literature: Islands and Captains

August 3

French Scout activities: Expos

European Scouting

World War II: The Asian War

August 2

American headwear chronology: 19th century

Soviet novels: A White Sail Gleams

French toys: Meccano sets

World War II: Japanese air attacks on China

August 1

Bavarian family summer scene

German rompers: 5 year olds

Sears khaki jean summer suit (1923)

World War II: Normandy--Civilian casualties

Store types

Highland kilts: County trends

Fritz Stueck

French rompers: Ages--6 year olds


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