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Figure 1.--Most New Zealand schools had grey vshort pants uniforms. Senior students might wear long trousers. Grey was the most popular color, but a few schools had navy blue shorts.

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August 31

American knee pants suits: Chronology--1890s

French shirt-like garments

French shirts and blouses

August 30

World War II: America--Keeping in touch

Russian tights: Dresswear

English boy: Shopping in 2010

American caps: 19th century

American caps

American headwear: Types

August 29

World War II: Liberation of Rome--Open city

World War II: Liberation of Rome terminology

Holocaust: NAZI conentration camps--Gunskirchen Lager

World War II: U.S. Committee for the Care of European Children-- Operating in NAZI Occupied Europe

American suits: Pants chronology--19th century

English sailor suits--Color shades

Long stockings--Accompanying clothing

August 28

American cut-away jackets: Accompanying clothing

American boy: Theodore Roosevelt Johnson

World War II: Iran--British-Soviet intervention

American shirt-like garments: 20th century

Norwegian families: The Huegen family

August 27

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American advertisement: Shredded wheat (1902)

Scottish store: Paisley

American ballet: Costumes

American dance programs

American pinafores: Chronology

American pinafores: Prevalence

English play: 20th century trends

Tights: Chronology--2010s

August 26

German colors: Chronology

Norwegian family: The Turners

Dutch family: Unidentified 1950s famuly

Double-breasted suits: Country trends

Algerian history

Italian prodigy: Ferrucio Burco

German ankle socks: Pants types

August 25

Unidentified American family: Iowa (1890s)

American First Communions: The 1890s

French school smocks: Stylistic elements--Length

English Teatrical Orphanage: Industry support

Scottish Scouts: Activities

Scottish Scouts: Levels

American aviation inter-war era: Boys and aviation

German Boy Scouts: NAZI era

French school smocks: Early-20th century

August 24

French school smocks: Advertising

Japanese primary school graduation: Clothing

World War II: Pacific air war

Polish family: The Petres

August 23

American Fauntleroy cut-away jackets

American strap shoes: Usage

American child wedding roles

Japanese suits

Japanese tights: Age trends

American play: Chronology

August 22

American pinafores: Styling

German music: NAZI era

American school: Ogden, Iowa (1948)

American lace collar chronology: The 1870s

American lace collar chronology: The 1890s

American lace collars: 20th century

August 21

American kilt suits: Collar buttoning jackets

Samoan Islands

American Fauntleroy suits: Ages

Japanese primary school graduation--Trip clothes

Skirted suits

Japanese pre-schools

August 20

Japanese primary school first day: Clothing--Suits

Japanese primary school graduation--Ceremonies

Japanese Kindergarden ceremonies

Japanese primary school graduation--Chronology

Japanese primary school ceremonies

World War II: Japanese air forces

August 19

Liberian history

American elections: 1926 Congressional by-election

Middle East and North Africa

American music tradition: Jews

German suits: 1920s

August 18

American music traditions

German music history: 20th century

August 17

German music history

German sandals: Accompanying clothing

German suits: Hosiery

American blouses: Patterns--Stripes

American neckwear: Accompanying clothes

August 16

American dresses: Neckwear

Italian peasant family

American bell-hop costume sewing pattern

Italian regions: Central Italy--Pescina

American breeching: 6 year olds

American boys: Harper brothers

August 15

American Neareast Relief: Post-war aid

Spanish First Communion: 1960s

German First Communion: Suits

World War II: American aid to Greece

American Fauntleroy blouses: Age 7

August 14

German barefoot parks

Swedish outings

World War II: Displaced children

American boy: Horace Close

American Fauntleroy blouses: Age 9

Musical political connotations: NAZIs

August 13

Music making: Political connotations


American sailor suits: Daring 1860s-70s images

August 12

Japanese school shorts: 2010 on linee catalog

Japanese vinage clothing: Primary uniform

American kilt suit types: Tops

German sailor headwear features--Chinstraps

German sailor headwear: Features

German school: Merschwitz

August 11

American weddings: Child roles

German Lederhosen: Beachwear

Economic systems

American ringlets: Unidentified Battle Creek siblings

American ringlets: Unidentified Peoria siblings

August 10

Indian school: I added the girls' unifoms as a mouseover.

Russo-Japanese War

August 9

South African history: Dutch foundation

August 8

Canadian leggings: Chronology

Leggings types

August 7

Leggings: 20th century

Shirley Temple films: Curly Top

World War II: Chinese domestic politics (1928-37)

German Lederhosen: 5 year olds

Egypt: Economy

American schools: Haveford College Preparatory School

August 6

American suit pants chronology: The 1900s

American suit pants chronology: 20th century



English nanny and charge

American boy dresses: Accompanying clothes

August 5

American suit dresses

Amnerican blouses: 1850s--Ages

American tunics: Age--4

American tunics: Age--5 year old popularity

American dresses: Accompanying clothes

American boy workers: Messenger boys

Cabinet cards: Chronology--The 1900s

August 4

American Fauntleroy blouse: Age trends

NAZI Lebensborn: Individual homes

American knee pants suits: Chronology--The 1900s

American Fauntleroy suits: Standard lapel jackets

World War I: Contributing factors

New Zealand school uniforms: Pants and trousers

Indian schools: Widia Poorna Pragna School

August 3

Russian movies: Age 7

Cold War: Asian countries

August 2

We have had to replace our computer. It will be a day or so before we will be able to post some new pages. The HBC site itself is unaffected and the pages can be viewed.

August 1

World War II: Poland--Devestation

New Zealand sports: Bowls

International organizations: Red Cross

Holocaust heros: Pere Bruno

NAZI death camps


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