Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--November 2010

Figure 1.--This unidentified boy wears a kilt suit with a sailor jacket. The V-front jacket is difficult to see because it is covdered by aarge ewhite collar. The jacketr is a little inusual because it has plaid fabric matching the kilt where stripe detailing is commonlu used. The kilt skirt is dione with box pleats. We are not sure if there is an added white bow. The photographer was E. D. King in Chardon, Ohio. The portrait is undated, but looks like the late-1880s or early 90s to us.

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November 30

American children: Jos and Minnie Porr

Economics: Country trends: Image shift

English 1950s aristocratic family: Cavendish family

November 29

American film dance scene: Merry Andrew

Spanish first communion: 2007

Brazilian school: Seminário Imaculada Conceição

French World War II Scouts: Vichy

November 28


English film review: A Night to Remember

American boy: Manlee Spores

Belgian Congo schools

November 27

American short pants: Types

American sewing magazines: Holiday outfits

English shoe manufacturers

American Best & Co. sailor blouse ad: 1900s

November 26

American ringlet curls: 1890s--Age

Libyan Jews

November 24

Belgian Scout chronology: Inter-War years

South African economy

Belgian schools: Individual schools

Belgian schools: The 1960s

November 23

German sailor suits: Trouser suspension

German brothers: 1945

German personal experiences: The 1940s

American sewing magazines: Sew Beautiful

November 22

German Hiltler Youth boys: Ardent NAZI family

Dutch boy: Jongetje Lanen

English girls school uniform: Chronology

American blouses: The 1890s

American kilt suit jackets: Sailor styling

November 21

American school theatricals: Types of plays

American sewing magazines: Creative Needle

November 20

German girls clothes

South African schools: Paarl Boys' Primary School

South African schools: Scholar Patrol

South African schools: Laerskool Rynfield

American 1870s sailor suits: Extra collars

English tunics: The 1850s

Swiss trouser suspension

November 19

English girls clothing: 20th century--Hosiery

English girls clothing: 20th century

English girls clothing: 19th century

English girls fashions

South Africa: Individual schools--Laerskool Piet Retief

English pets: Types

November 18

American headwear: Conventions

American catalogs: The 1920s

Cabinet cards simulated frames: Shapes

November 17

Historical interpretations

German chronology: More work here.

German juveile outfits

American sailor suits: Chronology--1900s

Shortalls: Accompanying clothing

American elections: 1924 presidential election

Scout berets: Country trends

November 16

American Scout berets: Wearing the beret

American Scout berets: Chronology

Democracy and Islam

November 15

American boy: R???? Newton

American long stockings: Pattern chronology--The 1920s

American sailor suit pants: The early-20th century

African tribes: Xhosa nation

November 14

Spanish economics

Scottish kilt usage

Sailor suits: 19th century

Malaysian economy

November 13

Shoe types: T-strap shoes

Australian schools: Ernabella Mission Schools

Russian school uniform garments: Sailor suits

November 12

American knitted shorts sets

American Amish boys: Hair styles

American illustrators: Kerins--Catholic publications

American artists: Bill Taylor

School tights: Chronology

American women's magazines: Pictorial Review

November 11

American DuBarry patterns

American striped stockings: Mixed patterns

American illustrators: Charles Kerins

November 10

Education and schools: Chronology

November 9

School and education

November 8

English boy literaey chsaracters: Harry Potter--Importance

World War II: Chronology: First phase

November 7

Australia: Sailor suits

American boys: Seward boys

South African school uniform garments

South African school chronology: The 1990s

November 6

Russian tunics: Chronology

American Boys Clubs: Chronology

American suits: The 1910s

Ukranian etnicity


November 5

French royalty: Henry IV

Egyptian royalty: Cleopatra

Philippines youth groups

South African girls school uniform: Skirted garments

November 4

South African schools: Specific garments

German rompers: Accompanying clothes

American schools: John Small Elementary School

World War I: Middle Eastern campaigns

November 3

World War I: The AEF in France

School war: Wearing school satchels

East German schoolwear: Regulasr clothing

November 2

Photography: Salt prints--Colorization

Palestine: British Mandate

November 1

South African school: Laerskool Witpoort

American stocking supporters: Hickory garters (1916)

American boy: Anderson--Little Boy Blue costume


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