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Some HBC readers tell us that they would like to be able to access new pages, but do not want to receive E-mails on every new page added to HBC. We have also for several years now experienced problems dealing with AOL. Thus we have created this page for HBC readers. We will list new pages or existing pages to which we have added additional information. We used to maintain a page like this. We know from this experience that we sometimes forget to add a new page, but we will try to remember to do this as much as possible. There will not be a link on our home page so you will want to add this to your favorites/book marks. We plan to only make this page available to readers who support HBC. There may be occasional changes in the URL. Just let me know if you have any question about this new HBC feature.

June 30

American toddler outfits (1912)

American Fauntleroy garments: Vests

June 29

American catalogs: 1910

World War II: The isolationists

June 28

World war I: American public opinion

German romper pants: Plain pants

June 27

American cut-away jackets: Cut

Norwegian royalty: Prince Olav Clothing--Pants

Mecklenburg Royalty: Friedrich Franz--Childhood

Indian schools: Walking to school

June 26

American knee pants: The 1890s

American boys: Jerome and Achille Marx

Greek economy

June 25

English ambrotypes: Chronology

World War II: Military intelligence

English headwear: The 1860s

June 24

Polish Holocaust: Operation Reinhard

English suits: The 1860s

American movie review: Super 8

Serbian fads: Crazy bands

American dresses: Defined waislines

June 23

American boy: James Caldwell

American vintage clothing: Fauntleroy kilt skirt (1894-95)

Wash/play clothes (1919)

June 22

American boy: Allan G. Moses

German flat caps

American brown tunic suit (1837)

June 21

New Zealand schools: Neckwear options

American catalogs: Todler outfits--1915

June 20

Spanish garments

Russian activities: Swimming

Indian footwear

Irish school garments: Dresses

Ireland: Garments

World War II: Algeria

World War I: Dogs after the War

Mexican child labor

June 19

Czech primary school

German suits: 19th century

French art: Carolus-Duran: Family

French art: Carolus-Duran--Michel Feydeau

Home rooms: Living rooms

June 18

African tribes: Himba people

Scottish early-20th century: Regional trends

World War II: Clearing the Rhineland--Worms

June 17


Russian religion: Old Believers schism

French Cubbing

French weddings: Children

June 16

French artists: Carolus Duran

World War II: Japanese road to war

Scottish suits: Age trends

French First Communion: Post War--The 1950s

June 15

Dominican Republic: History

African religions

Mass killings: The Killers

French rompers 1940s: 4 year olds

June 14

Brazilian First Communion

First Communion: Country trends

German Dutch boy bangs

French schools: Grades

June 13

Spanish school chronology: The 1900s

Spanish school chronology: The 1910s

English families: Alice and James (1870)

Spanish school activities: Gym

June 12

French school terminology: Lycée

French schools: École Maternelle

Cold War Soviet spies: The Rosenberg boys

Cold War: McCartyism

Cold War: Soviet spies

June 11

Norwegian geography

Polish-Soviet War: Military campaigns

June 10

Polish school: Independent Inter-War Poland Education

World War II: German economic exploitation of Romania

English skirted garments: Unknown garment

French First Communion: Post-War 1940s

June 9

French First Communion (1934)

English boarding schools: School life

American clothing: Colors

World War I: Dogs

June 8

World War II: Soviet poison gas capability

German Young Pioneers: Summer camps

Belgian family: Unidentified 1940s family

June 7

Belgian First Communion (1900s)

Mexican chronologies: The 1930s

French First Communion: Early-20th centuries--Decade trends

French First Communion: Modern France

June 6

Belgian schools: End of the year ceremonies

Egypt: British Protectorate--Cultural backwardness

American hair bows: Gender

American flat caps: 9-year olds

American flat caps: 6-year olds

June 5

American hair cuts: Rite of pasage

World War II: German occupation of Belgium

Moroccan shepherds

June 4

English cadet history: Inter-War era

American electric trains introduced

Catalogs and advertisements: Garments

American schools: Clovis School (1925)

Moroccan Jews: Impact of the First Arab-Israeli War

June 3

New Zealand rocking horses

American chronologies: Post-World War II decades

June 2

French swim suits

American family: Hooten family

World War II: German camouflage

American boy: Wilbur Johnston

June 1

Unidentified American family (1912-15)

Japanese festival costumes: Gender trends


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