Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--August 2011

Figure 1.--This class photo was taken in San Pier Niceto, a Sicilian village in the hills near Messina. The photo is undated, but was probably taken in the 1960s, perhaps the late-60s. Most pupils are wearing black smocks with white collars and floppy bows. This is the classic clothing at Italian primary schools. Almost all the boys wear short pants. The collars of some boys are not made in cotton cloth, as usual, but rather knitted or made with lace. That was a little unusual for boys. A boy in the back wears a shirt and pullover without a smock. A boy in the front row wears a white shirt with short sleeves. Notice he is wearing flip flops, that was also somewhat unusual. During 1960s in some poorer Italian regions there were still some children attending school barefoot, but we have not seen other children wearing flip-flops to school.

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August 31

Polish boy: Edward Piskozub

Polish First Communion: Chronology

Indian-Pakistani conflict

World War II: Aftermath in Germany--Destruction of industrial infrastructure

German schools: The school yard in the morning

August 30

American blouse and shirt patterns: DuBarry (1940)

American history: 19th century

World War II: German refugees

American school: Garrison School

August 29

English parks: Heaton Park

World War II: Aftermath

English school uniform: The 1890s

Argentine suits: Garments

English school: Frobelian School

American catalogs: Uttica Clothietrs sailor suits (1903)

August 28

The lights went off, but judt for a few hours so we are back in business.

Northern Ireland

August 27

Now a hurricane is headed at us. We expected the lights to go off, but this did not happen. It is now headed for New York.

American boy: John Paul BurnhamItalian sulphur mines

English child actors: John Howard Davies

August 26

World War II: America renews the draft

German suspenders: Chronology

German strap shoes: Gender conventions

Greek Civil War: Children

August 25

Gender trends: Hair parts

Egyptian slvery: Sources

German Lederhosen: 1940s conventions

English history

Cabinet cards: Gold lettering chronology

August 24

Germnanic tribes: The Anglii

American boy: Ester Jackman

German author: Herb Stahl

August 23

Of all things we got hit by a magnitude 5.8 earhquake. We were badly shaken, but the lights stayed on. Quite a bit of clean up is needed.

German winter coats: Styles

German First Communion: Ages

Middle Eastern slave markets

The Holy Koran and slavery

Islamic education: Madrasas

Ending the African slave trade: Campaigns

August 22

Oman: Slavery

Scotland: 19th century decade trends

German boys: Auwaerter boys

World War I: Latvian campaign

August 21

World War II: America and refugees

Scottish family (1890s)

Scottish kilts: Chronology--1890s

German First Communions 1950s: Outfits

Somali history

August 20

World War II: London Blitz--Undergroundc Tube stations

German schools: Volksshule Barnsen

Christian missionaries

German schools: Ruckerg Primary school

School uniform: Specific garnment gender page

Afro-American family (1920s)

August 19

English artists: William Mulready

American ruffled collars: Colors and patterns

German middle-class family (1928)

German Lecderhosen: The 1920s

German Lederhosen: 20th century

August 18

American peaked school cap

American bikes: 19th century

Gender trends: Garments

Taiwan: Nationalist control and refuge

Striped long stockings: Gender trends

German Christmas: Fairs and markets

Indian photography

August 17

Indian school chronology

Photo interpretation: Props--Hoops

Brazilian economy

English artist: Briton Rivière--Sympathy

American schools: Unidentified 1890s school

August 16

English artists: Briton Rivière

School uniform: Gender boy girl pages

School uniform: Gender garment trends

School uniform: Gender trend pages

August 15

American Amish clothing: Pants

American pants: Suspension features

German SAJ: Uniforms

German SAJ: Activities

August 14

German youth groups: Socialist groups

Girls school uniforms: Specific garment page

German Socialist youth groups: SAJ

August 13


World War II: British evacuation of children--Trams and busses

American knickers: 1900s

English chronology: Inter-war era decades

School blazers: More information here.

Scottish author: Robert Louis Stephenson

August 12

World War II: The British Dominions

German suits: Bar connection

Unidentified German boy: Plaid jacket, Lederhosen, and long stockings

German school blazers

German school suits and blazers page

August 11

School suits and blazers: Country trends

School uniform suits: Types

Italian schools: Chronology--The 1960s

World War I: German dogs--After the War

German caps: Schirmmütze chronology--the 1920s:

Youth group headwear: Military-styled caps

Youth group headwear: Bush/slouch hat

August 10

German youth group: Unidentified World War I-era group

German classroom chronology: 20th century

World War II: Holocaust--Wannsee Convention

August 9

German parks: Wannsee

German suburban family: Early-1960s

English rompers: The 1940s

School headwear: Chronology: More information and links here.

August 8

Australian youth groups: Unknown groups

School headwear: Tams

World War II: NAZI 1935 Nurembery Party Rally

German Lederhosen: Hiking

American boy: Robert Webb

August 7

American sailor suits: 1870s styling

English Boys' Brigade: Awards

South Sudan

World War II: American liberation of Guam

August 6

World War II: Second British evacuations

Japanese summer camps

August 5

World War II: End of the Blitz--The Luftwaffe shifts East

World War II: London Blitz--Children present

German sailor headear: Tams

American skirted garments: Age trends

American rural schools: Individual schools

August 4

American tunics: Differentiating dresses

World war II Battle of the Atlantic: Air component

August 3

Algerian clothing chronology: Islamic era

Japanese school uniform chronology: The 1950s

American advertising: Mellin's Food

World War II Blitz: Bristol

August 2

Turkmenistan: History

Georgia minorities: Greeks

Russin holidays: Women's Day

Russian poets: Alexander Blok

German pinafores: 19th century

August 1

Vietnamese youth groups

American boy: Earl Sandersion Thomson

Latvia: Radio industry

German sailor suits: 1890s popularity

Indonesian Scouting

Tuvulu Scouting


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