Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--March 2016

Figure 1.--This precious little Hungarian girl has just made it to the West in the dead of Winter, one of millions who had managed to escape from Communist Workers' Paradises. The press caption read, "Hungarian Refugees in Autria: The seasonal snow now blanketing lower Austria does mot prevent Hungarian refugees from crossing he border in large nimbers. Their difficulties re intensified by the cold. Before taking a bus to distributing nd collrctging cmpsin tghe interior, the exhusted refugees are welcomed with a warm drink and food at farm houses near the border. Red Cross nurses prepare the food on a 24-hour schedule. Photographed on arrival at the border farm-house is this little girl who was separated en route from her mother." We are not sure what she is hilding in her box. The photograph was taken in January 1957.

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March 31

Bulgarian history

Rompers: Age trends

English families: Unknown 19th century decade

American excetionlism: Preventing sarvation and famine

Word War I: European Relief Council

March 30

Cold War: Communist refugees

Middle Eastern-North African countries: More work here.

March 29

English caps: Balmorals

World War II: New Guinea--Importance

March 28

Civil War drummer boy: Lyston D. Howe

Gabon religions: Christianity

School clothes: sailor suits--Unidntified countries

March 27

World War II: Neutrals--Special cases

American knickers hosiery: The 1920s

Algerian-French singer family

English styles: Scottish garments

March 26

Ghana: History

English families: The Donaldsons (the 1950s)

Famines: Modern African famines

March 25

American center parts: Age trends

Youth groups: Religion

American indvidual schools: PS 87 Manhattan

March 24

World war II:Finland--Air war

Swedish girls

World War II: Finnish evacues--Taken in by Sweden

English schools: Knickers--School types

March 23

World war II: Ukraine liberation--Odessa

World War II: Soviet Union--German occupied areas

March 22

World War II: Italy--Aftermath economic dislocation

World War II: Finland--Continuation War evcuations

British Empire

English skirted garments: Mixed outfits

English headwear: The 1870s

Mexican Revolution: American involvement--Refugees

March 21

World War II: Chile


NAZI Holocaust: Jewish adjustment to the ghettos

Yemeni history: Revolution and civil war in North Yemen

March 20

English dance: Village dance activities

Cold War dictators

American school classrooms: Nap time

American schoolwear hosiery: Long syockinfs--Chronology

March 19

World War II: Battle of Britain--Kanalkampf

March 18

German sailor suits: Identical outfits--Some of the children

World War II: Central Pacific campign--The Gilberts

March 17

Algerian independence war

March 16

World War I: American relief--Country trends

Cold War: Berlin Airlift--The children

World War II: Aftermath in Germany--GIs and children

March 15

Russian/French boy: Joseph Kessel

American boy: Charles Melvin Dixon (1900s)

American play: Cowboys and Indians--Chronology

Six Days War: French Embargo

March 14

World War II: U.S. Navy force structure (1941)

World War II: Czecoslovakia--Next NAZI target

World War II: Czechoslovakia--Impact of the Munich Diktat

March 13

Americn rural family (1900s)

American family reunion (1890s)

Lithuanin schools: Inter-War independence

March 12

World War II: Battle of the Atlantic--Raiders and Q boats

English tunic suits: Pants types

American school chronoloy: The 20th century--More work here.

March 11

Serbian sailor suits

Russian school uniform: Headwear

Great Depression: New Deal First Hundred Days

World War II: China--First Shanghai Incident

March 10

American kilt suits: UsageWorld war II: American ethnicity

March 9

World War II: China--Campaigns (1940-44)

March 8

World War II: German war time food production efforts

Cold War: Taiwan--Second Taiwan Straits Crisis

Cold War: Poland--Catholic Church truce with the Communists

Czech Lands: The 1900s

March 7

The Green Revolution

World War II: Resistance radio

March 6

American dresses: Below the-waist waislines

March 5

Algerian school chronology

Gabon: Religion

French Rompers: Galeries Lafayette (1937)

French blouse smocks: Galeries Lafayette (1937)

March 4

World War II: Logistics--D-Day beaches

Cold War Space Race: BBC documentary

March 3

American jeans: Chronology

March 3

World War II: Saipan--Getting civilians to safety

March 2

World War I: German atrocities in Belgium--Forced labot

World War I: German atrocities in Belgium

English school headwear: Types


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