Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--November 2016

Figure 1.--Norway had to endure 5 years of NAZI occupation. Only Czechoslovakia was occupied for a longer period. This photograph shows a Norwegian father taking his son to his first day of school in 1945. It looks like the beginning of school after the German surrender and the end of World War II. The flowers would have been for the teacher. It doesn't look like the greatest boquet, but of course it is the thought that counts.

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November 30

Korean War: United Nations Command

English chronology: The 1930s

November 29

World war II: Belgian food situation

November 28

American catalogs: 1938

November 27

World War I: British Expeditionary Force

World War II: Food--European trends

November 26

Holocaust targets: Gypseys--Country trends Napoleonic Wars: The struggle for Germany (1813)

November 25

Wpor;d War I: German Rape of Belgium

Refugees: Impact

November 24

World war II: Germany--NAZI ideology social and family issues

November 23

Italian artists: Giovanni Battista Torriglia

English family: Unidentified 1900s family

November 22

American schools: Indivisual schools--Bellevue school

Canadian families: The 1890s

November 21

Hungarian sailor suits: Age trends

November 20

South Africa: Photography

Cold War Britain: Post-war economic failure

November 19

American mail order catalogs: 1929 catalogs

Clothing manufcturers: More work here

November 18

Colononia/Swedish children: Ingvar and Ingrid Karlsson

World War II: Soviet occupation of Germany--The children

Japan: Retail stores

November 17

American school headwear: Types--Hats

Greek families: Grndmother and grandkids--The 1930s

November 16

American ads: New York Life

Tunisia: Traditional clothing

Austraia: Toys and play items

World War II: Battle of the Atlantic--Operation Drumbeat

November 15

Argentine home activities

American birthday parties: Chronology

November 14

American parks: Belle Isle Park in Detroit

Hong Kong: Refugees

November 13

Communism: Famine


American schools: Lancaster School (1880s)

Swedish soccer history

November 11

Norway: School chronology

November 10

World War II: Austria--Strategic bombing campaign

World War II: Japanese atrocities--Specific incidents

November 9

Chinese Communists: Wei Kuo-ching

November 8

English headwear: Gender--Chronology

French bios: De Gualle kids

November 7

World War II: France--Gen. deGualle

Egyptian minorities: Europeans

World War II: American interventionists

November 6

Cypriot history: Eosis and EOKA


Romanian/Ukranian regions: Bukovina--Ethnicity


World War II: French refuges

November 5

World War II: Swiss refugees

World War II: Dutch refugees

World War II: German internal refugees

November 4

World War II: European refugees

World War II: Soviet naval opertions


November 3

American boys: Richard and Sam Tucker (1937)

November 2


November 1

English First Communion cerempny: 1952

World War II bios: Omar Bradley


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